…As Unknown Persons Burn Garbage Daily On Road In Redlight

By; Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-April-18-2024-TNR:The newly construction Japan Freeway is said to be facing imminent danger as some unknown individuals continue to burn garbage in the middle of the road on a daily basis.

According to our reporter who visited the Redlight Market, some unknown persons have been engaged in putting fire on the garbage that has been deposited by at-risk youths in the center of the Japan Free Way, in the commercial hub of Redlight,Paynesville.

The burning of the garbage has caused serious smoke and air pollution for the marketers, and passerby on the Japan Freeway something that prompted the marketers to call on the relevant authorities the Paynesville City Corporation to address the situation.

Speaking to our reporter who visited the area Wednesday, Joesph Kerkulah a dry goods businessman disclosed that burning the garbage is unhealthy for them.

“We do not know who are those putting fire on the dirt, they can do it at night and it is not good for our health, also the fire will damage the road that the government and partners have built for our country they are destroying this new road,” he said.

Also speaking, a motorcyclist Augustian Toe called on the Liberia National Police and the Paynesville City Police to put into place security strategies that will prevent those engaged in burning garbage mostly on the major road.

According to him, if Liberia is to improve, the government needs to take action against those wanting to keep the country backward.

He said the development of Liberia depends on the collective efforts of every citizen be it opposition or ruling party stressing that elections are over and the government of the people should take charge.

Toe noted that it is about time that the government through the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency get proactive in taking those at-risk youths or Zogos from Redlight emphasizing that some business people and community residents are using them to dispose of their dirt.

Mr. Toe furthered that most of the time at-risk youths are seen dumping dirt on the street and no one can stop them or authority to take action against them noting that it is unhealthy.

The Japan Freeway was constructed by the Government and people of Japan as a gift to the Liberian Government. The destruction of the road is a major blow to Liberians especially the Liberian Government as the country has lots of challenges.

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