By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Monrovia-Feb-20-TNR:It is purported that the issuance businesses, in this case, have declined to provide appearance bonds to Prophet Key, a Liberian resident in Morocco, so that he might be present for the entirety of the trial concerning both him and the nation’s most seasoned cultural ambassador.
About US$3,000 is required for Prophet Key to be granted continued release from custody while the case against him is being trialed.
Samwar Fallah, the defendant’s attorney, stated that they are not attempting to turn over a property value bond to the government under its 1pm requirement after the pretrial session on Monday that was meant to facilitate negotiation or a resolution between the parties.

A City Court mandate was issued last week, according to Magistrate Ben Barco’s description in City Court, requiring the defendant to surrender his criminal appearance bond on Monday, February 19, 2024.

However, the defendant failed to comply with the court’s orders because, according to rumors, the only insurance company that agreed to grant him the bill declined at the last minute.

Prophet Key’s recognition was asked to be withdrawn by the prosecution during the pretrial proceedings, but his attorney argued that he had not broken any of the rules and conditions of the personal recognition.

“Our client has gone home, he still enjoys the fact that he’s in the country,” Cllr. Fallah told Judicial Reporter after the conference.

Cllr. Fallah stated, “We only need three thousand, but they insisted that they need an issuance bond. The judge gave us until tomorrow at 1 pm to file an issuance bond to ensure their client’s daily appearance, and we will comply with that. The trial will resume on Friday.”

Prophet Key’s attorney pointed out that this was a poor legal strategy and went against the spirit of the law, while some of the prosecution’s attorneys asked the court to place Prophet’s key in a withholding cell, even if it was only for a day.

He contended that the burden of proof rests with the individual leveling the accusation; only if the defendant is found guilty will he be sentenced to prison.

For us to appropriately prepare to represent our client, Prophet Key Lawyers also issued an application requesting that the prosecution provide them with all of the material it possesses, which is known as discovery under Liberia’s legal system. “We anticipate receiving this request by Wednesday or Thursday.”
Prophet Key was detained on February 5, 2024, at the Magistrate’s order, following accusations of unruly behavior, unlawful coercion, and threats made by Amb. Julie Endee. thelongest-serving cultural ambassador.

The crimes being baillable, the court has again given him today to enable his lawyer secure and surrender the bond that will guarantee his release while the matter is being looked at. If he fails this time, he will be arrested and place behind bars

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