Controversial Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has again hit hard at President Joseph NyumaBoakai saying that the Liberian leader is incapacitated to lead the Liberian people.

Representative Kolubah said President Boakai is not willing to accept that he is incapacitated so that his Vice President Jeremiah Koung can take over the presidency.

Speaking on Truth FM over the weekend, the MontserradoCounty lawmaker alleged that the Liberian leader cannot spend three days in any of the African countries but only in the United States of America due to his incapacitation to lead.

Representative Kolubah was one of the strong supporters of President Boakai during 2023 presidential runoff election in which then opposition leader, Joseph Boakai of Unity Party defeated incumbent George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

“The reason why the arm forces day was cancelled was because Joseph Boakai could not walk to inspect the guys; they say they wanted to put him in wheelchair but it was not possible for him to be in wheelchair to inspect the guys, that is why the national holyday was cancelled. It was not about those women that were in the street,” Rep. Kolubah averred.

He further disclosed that President Boakai did not meet with the Gnanan’s President as was inscribed in a release from the Executive Mansion. “The government had a billionaire that Joseph Boakai had to talk to so as to get his cut and come right back,” Yekeh further disclosed.

He furthered that it was because of the lies that the Presidential Press Secretary was unable to display any photo or video from the recent visit by the Liberian leader in Ghana with the President of Ghana or the Vice President of that sisterly country.

“Going forward, until Joseph Boakai can leave the stage, anything this government tells you that lie, Yekeh added.

According to Representative Kolubah, in line with the Liberian Constitution, it talks about the incapacitation something that prompted him to prepare a communication that he will shortly present to the House of Representative to explain the gravity of incapacitated.

Representative Kolubah said he will not divert from his advocacy for the Liberian leader to stop lying   to the Liberian people adding, “We are going to be on him for the next six years, let him ask former President George Weah.”  

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