…Speaker Koffa Speaks On Fire Incident

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-April-17-2024-TNR:House Speaker J. Fonati Koffa has called for a robust fire service sector with professionals in the sector to help fight fire in difficult times.

Addressing a news conference a day following the fire incident at his residence, Speaker Koffa said if those professionals are on board the Liberia National Fire Service, it will ensure a strong system that help in fighting and managing fire in the neighborhoods.

The Speaker of the 55th Legislature maintained that in the past months, many Liberians have experienced devastating fire disaster and some have lost their lives due to lack of professionals in the sector.

Speaker Fonati Koffa furthered that until Liberians fix their system and do things to prevent them from some unnecessary hurts, they cannot save their lives.

“Lot of fire professionals are needed in the sector. In the past months, many Liberians have experienced devastating fire disaster and some have lost their lives but thankfully we are alive. We need to have a very strong system in managing fire if it occurred in our neighborhoods,” Speaker Koffa added.

At the same time, House Speaker Koffa wants adequate action taken by members of the Legislature to better the lives of the citizens.

“We get to do something at the Legislature to continue to improve the lives of our people. Again, I am no better than any other Liberians who has had fire incidents. Note that these incidents are not confided to a certain group or certain class of people,” Speaker Fonati Koffa asserted.

He furthered, “Unfortunately, last night, my family and I experienced a fire outbreak. I want to say thank you to my neighbors specially to the President who called me from Bomi to extend his condolences over the incident and former President George Weah who aided us with shelter as well as my colleagues from the Legislature also expressed their frustration over the situation.”

He said the cause of the fire is yet to be known but investigation currently ongoing with the Liberia National Fire Service.

It can be recalled that last Sunday evening, Speaker FonatiKoffa house was gutted by fire leaving valuables and many others items to burn to ashes in the Rehab Community in Paynesville.

Meanwhile, Speaker Koffa is calling for immediate assistance by patriotic citizens including government officials to help his family overcome the challenges.

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