Monrovia-March-12-TNR:Friday of last week was celebrated as International Women’s Day with different institutions planning programs at different location to commemorate the day.

As for Montserrado County District Eight Representative, Prince Toles in collaboration with the Insurance Company of Africa (ICA) took the celebration to marketers at the Jorpkeh Town Market.

Rep. Toles told the joyous women that his office will engage companies in their district one by one to help people of that district. As the people’s direct lawmaker, Toles promised to at all times seek means that will lift his people condition.

He thanked the head of the ICA and promised that her business was in good hands. “Madam CEO, we want to say thank you. Your company in our district will be saved and let me say you are in the right hands because our people will respect your business,” he told the marketers.

This year, women of Liberia celebrated the day under the theme, “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress for Liberia’s future.”

Instead of organizing an elaborated program that would have conglomerated women of different backgrounds, the lawmaker sought collaboration with ICA for direct cash donation for the market women.

The lawmaker used 100 thousand, a fund provided by the ICA as development money for the district to directly benefit the women.

Making the donation, the Chief Executive officer of ICA, Madam Ethel Knuckles said she was acting on the theme of this year’s celebration of IWD which talked about empowering of women.

She said it is evidence that when a woman is empowered, that woman has the way of multiplying what has been interested them.

She told the gathering of women that she and her team have been working without disclosing what they had as a surprise package for women.

“We know that when you put something in a woman hands, she knows how to stich it, sometimes she can even double it,” Knuckles told the gathering of women.

“I know you have your market. I see the onions, I see the battle balls plenty small, small things. Just to invest small, everybody that are here, ICA wants to give you at least five thousand Liberian dollars,” she told the women as they went wide in celebration.

She said their action was intended to identify with the women whom she said they appreciate and want them double their gains with the little she and her team have provided in collaboration with their lawmaker.

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