Monrovia-Feb-13-TNR: In a pivotal meeting held at the Executive Mansion of Liberia, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai on Friday welcomed the executive team of High Power Exploration Inc. (HPX), led by its Founder Robert Friedland to discuss prospective investments aimed at fostering economic growth and development in Liberia.

Addressing the gathering, President Boakai underscored Liberia’s aspirations for economic progress while emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance towards corruption within his administration.

“Liberia and its people are resolutely committed to seeking economic development,” he affirmed, highlighting the nation’s readiness to engage in business ventures that prioritize transparency and accountability.

The Liberian President hailed the presence of American nationals in Liberia as a testament to the enduring bonds between the two nations, signaling the significance of collaborative efforts in fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Echoing President Boakai’s sentiments, Robert Friedland, the Founder of HPX, expressed optimism about Liberia’s abundant natural resources and untapped agricultural potential. “Liberia is blessed with vast natural resources and fertile land, with access to maritime routes,” Friedland remarked, underlining the strategic advantages inherent in Liberia’s geographical positioning.

Mr. Friedland said it is the wish of his company to support the Government of Liberia in ensuring open, non-discriminatory rail access on a multi-user basis in accordance with best international industry practice.

HPX is a privately-owned, U.S-domiciled mineral exploration and development company with an operating office in Vancouver, Canada. It is also a privately-held company focused on the development of the ultra-high-grade Nimba iron ore project in Guinea and other African countries.

Speaking further, Mr. Friedland outlined HPX’s ambitious plans to contribute to Liberia’s development agenda, with a particular focus on infrastructure projects such as the construction of railroads, particularly those connecting Liberia with neighboring Guinea. Stressing the importance of partnership and cooperation, he emphasized the company’s commitment to working closely with the Liberian government and seeking support from both the American government and regional stakeholders to realize these objectives.

Mr. Friedland also disclosed that his company wants to work in Liberia to provide employment and economic activity for Liberia; an operation that would also ensure substantial additional revenues for Liberia and fair and equitable trail ways and port access for all.

Throughout the ceremony, the importance of transparency and openness resonated strongly, with both parties emphasizing the significance of conducting business ethically and inclusively.

The discussions, held at the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill in Monrovia on Friday – February 9, 2024, underscored a shared vision for leveraging Liberia’s resources and strategic advantages to drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for its citizens.

As Liberia embarks on a new chapter of economic development, the partnership between High Power Exploration Inc. and the Liberian Government stands as a testament to the potential for collaborative endeavors to catalyze positive change and unlock opportunities for progress in the region.

Speaking during the meeting, Liberian Finance and Development Planning Minister, Boima Kamara revealed that Liberia needs more companies for employment.

“We are at a time that Liberia needs to transition in creating the opportunities for the Liberian people in terms of jobs that are sustainable, and these sustainable jobs will be on the basis of the infrastructures that we need,” Minister Boima Kamara told the HPX’s visiting team.

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