Liberia News: Greedy Hunters Hijacking JNB’s Project?

:There is said to be a potential threat to the realization of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s dream of engendering a genuine and result-driven change in the governance system of Liberia, if nothing is done to pin down some greedy and selfish individuals on the rescue journey.

Already, uneasiness has ensued, triggered by the reported insatiable and bold-face quest of one particular Unity Party executive, Senator Prince K. Moye of Bong County who is said to be bent on ensuring that people under his control, or of his interest, occupy key Deputy for Administration positions at several Ministries and Agencies where Administrative, Financial and personnel issues are concentrated, thus raising the very relevant question of what the motives would be.

This self-proclaimed “influential” Unity Party executive, according to sources, already has his confidants in deputy for administration positions at several crucial ministries and agencies including the Ministry of Finance, but is still insisting and fighting to plant more of such people at the Ministry of Health.

He is also said to be planting his family members at lucrative public corporations in both active-duty roles and board positions as part of an apparent effort to widen his influence in critical financial and human resource decision-making processes in the Boakai’s government.

Many people in the circle of the Unity Party and its alliance see the huge desire of one individual to control so many important personnel and financial decision-making portfolios in government as troubling, and are therefore drawing attention to a potential intent to baby-sit and manipulate major financial and human resource policies and decisions.

Our sources say the growing apprehension mainly comes from the backdrop that Senator Prince K. Moye, now being considered as “Mr. Powerful,” or “greedy hunter”, has been in the Legislature for a little over twelve years now, and in major financial positions, amidst mounting public calls for accountability and transparency at the first branch of government.

Now that President Boakai has spoken strongly about his desire and decision to institute an audit of the three branches of government, knowing that deputies for administration at ministries and agencies deal with finance and human resource matters, to see this level of energy exerted by a key government official to control these important finance and personnel-related positions in government, leaves people wondering as to what the motives are.

Already, there’s growing tension amongst Executive Committee Members of the Unity Party and the alliance party members as several Nimba County Citizens see it as a repeat of what has earlier happened to some of their kinsmen including David Dorr Cooper who was earlier earmarked for the Monrovia City Mayor Position only to be left in the cold. Mention has been made of Cllr. Cooper Kruah and resigned Minister of Defense, Prince C. Johnson, III.

There is also rumor that Sen. Moye is fighting the confirmation of Fredrick Cooper as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection because his preferred person was not considered for nomination.

The Bong lawmaker is also strongly fighting against Mr. Roger SWY Domah, a devoted partisan of Unity Party (UP) and experience Administrator who was vetted and recommended for the Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Health. 

Senator Moye is fighting Mr. Domah because he wants Madam Martha C. T. Morris, a citizen of Bong to be nominated as Deputy Minister for Administration. 

According sources close to the UP, Madam Morris, a Dental Nurse was previously vetted and recommended for the position of Superintendent for Bong County, but Senator Moye wants to use his domineering nature change everything.  

In 2017, some prominent citizens of Nimba County grew frustrated as Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai delayed in picking a running mate from Nimba County after earlier promising to get one from Nimba, thereby causing confusion amongst the people.

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