By: Perry B. Zordyu


Monrovia-March-18-TNR:The Deputy Speaker of the 55th National Legislature is calling for a personnel audit across all sectors of government entities.

Representative Thomas Fallah said if personnel audit is done, it will help reduce ghost names that flooded government payroll across various spectrum of civil service. Deputy Speaker Fallah noted that the wages of ordinary Liberians are low due to the over crowdedness of ghost names on government payroll.

“Too many names on government payroll, the wages of the commoners are below because of the flooded names that Necodemously appear on government payroll. Sometimes we say the payroll, value for money where only 50 persons in a department but the payroll shows 500 names. This has to stop under this new government,” Deputy Speaker Fallah added.

The Lofa County District #1 lawmaker vowed to channel to the House Speaker and rally colleagues to ensure that various government agencies and ministries to well scrutinized and conduct a comprehensive personnel audit to avoid too many ghost names on government payroll.

He furthered, “If you are not working, there are punitive actions that needs to be taken and we must start now. We will work with you the newly CSA boss, to ensure that we clean the payroll properly. Play your part as head of all civil servants and we, as lawmakers will do same. Let there be a new dawn for Liberia,” Rep. Fallah added.

The Deputy Speaker of the 55th Legislature maintained that it will allow potential employees to get just benefits in keeping with their work and qualifications and what is required.

He spoke recently at program marking the official turning over of Civil Servants Agency new boss, Josiah F. Joekai, Jr. as Director General at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

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