Liberia News: GIABA DG Want Anti-Money Launder Recognize

--Tells ECOWAS, Says It Build Resilient


The Director General of the Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa want ECOWAS take keel of recognizing and put into effect the Anti-Money Laundering that could counter financial terrorism and bring relief to that regional body.

Mr. Edwin Harris said if such is done, it enable them fetch out more resources for reserve and unilaterally makes each members state within ECOWAS seek their own capacity building.

He emphasized that the primarily focused on the development of effective Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Financial Terrorism and Proliferation financing regimes in the member states and redefining the shape of the precepts that served as the fulcrum for supporting the works of GIABA.

Mr. Harris speaking at the two days annual briefing session and conference in Dakar, he then remainded that august body that despite the insistence and perseverance of GIABA, he underscored the increase achievement in the use of outcomes of typologies by member states to help understand the prevalent predicate crimes that have the proclivity for undermining the economic sectors and derailing development in their countries.

As part of its efforts to assist member states in building resilient Anti-Money Laundering and Counter financing systems, GIABA Director-General has over the period unveiled many trends and methods through typologies and research works that facilitated the provision of reasonable technical assistance to member states.

At the same time,the head of the Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa has recognized the use of Anti-Money Launder and call on stakeholders to remain committed and to develop strategies for addressing both the existing and the very dynamic emerging Money Laundering, Terrorism and Proliferation Financing.

Mr. Edwin Harris urged all member state of ECOWAS to remain robust and foster socio-economic transformation of the region as thousands watching to see the betterment in West Africa.

The Intergovernmental Action Group against money laundering in west Africa(GIABA) is a specialized ECOWAS institution responsible for the prevention and control of money laundering and terrorist financing in West Africa and has been making significant progress in organizing sensitization programs on the deleterious effects of money laundering and terrorist financing in west Africa.

He spoke recently when the Intergovernmental Action Group against Money Laundering in west Africa(GIABA) held a two day annual briefing session and conference in Radisson Blur hotel, Dakar.

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