Liberia News: Findley Declares Assets

Monrovia-Jan-23-TNR:As the issue of assets declaration takes root in the Joseph Boakai administration, Grand Bassa County Senator GbehzohngarMilton Findley has become the first lawmaker to officially declare his assets with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

Senator Findley in a statement issued in Monrovia Sunday, January 21, 2024, said in confirmative with Section 10.1 of the Code of Conduct Act of 2014 concerning the declaration of assets which stipulates that, “Employee of government involved in making decisions affecting contracting, tendering or procurement, and issuance of licenses of various types shall sign performance or financial bonds and shall in addition declare his/her income, assets and liabilities prior to taking office.”

The Grand Bassa County lawmaker noted, “In fulfillment with this crucial provision, I wish to inform you that on January 19, 2024, I have dutifully declared and submitted a comprehensive record of my assets and liabilities to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.”

He said as a lawmaker and guardians of the country’s legal framework, it is imperative that Legislators not only enact laws but also embody the principles they represent, stressing that it is bounden duty of all public officials, particularly lawmakers to lead by example, setting a precedent for transparency and integrity.

“By openly declaring our assets, we fortify the foundation of trust upon which our roles as public officials are built. Such actions are vital in nurturing a culture of accountability that extends throughout all branches of government,” Sen. Findley said.

He reminded Liberians that the journey towards transparent and accountable governance must commence within the walls of the Legislature adding, “It is here that the torch of leadership must be kindled, casting its illuminating glow across the corridors of power and governance in Liberia. As we stand at the helm, it is incumbent upon us, the Liberian Senate, to pave the way and champion the cause of probity and openness.”

“In this spirit, I call upon my fellow Senators and all public officials to embrace this call for transparency. Let us join hands in this endeavor to uphold the trust placed in us by the great people of Liberia. By doing so, we shall not only reinforce the mechanisms of accountability but also fortify the public’s confidence in our democratic institutions,” the former President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate noted.

Findley who also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs called on his colleagues to reaffirm their commitments to the principles enshrined in the laws, ensuring that the Republic of Liberia continues to stride along the path of progress and righteousness.

He added, “Together, we can foster a governance culture that is accountable, transparent, and reflective of the aspirations of all Liberians.”

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