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Liberia-The Conservation Department of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) on Thursday June 27, 2024 held a crucial round table Stakeholders’ Engagement meeting with score of conservation partners and outlined its vision, mission, goals and priorities for 2024.

Earlier this year, President Joseph Nyumah appointed a new management team to conduct the affairs of the FDA amongst which conserving, preserving and protecting the forest and biodiversity are its primary goal and objective.

Against this background, the Conservation Department deemed it prudent to hold a round table interactive discussions whereby the partners and FDA can interface and find an amicable way forward to enhance tightier cooperation and coordination.

The meeting basically aimed at identifying the various actors, their respective areas of interventions, influences as well as interests in the sector. The meeting afforded the participating parties the opportunity to identify and discuss progress, challenges, lessons learned and planned interventions in the sector going forward. At the meeting each participating actor provided an overview of their work and its impact on conservation activities.

Making a special remark, FDA Managing Director, Mr. Rudolph Merab underscored the importance of the meeting and urged the partners to redouble their efforts in meeting the goals and objectives as it relates to protecting biodiversity. He used the occasion to reecho FDA’S readiness to rigorously monitor those projects undertaken by the partners to ensure that deliverables are met within the specified time table.

In his own words,” We will take the lead. We will tell you what we want and not what you want. We will monitor all of your activities and make sure they meet the needs of our people.

Under this administration we intend to take the lead.We intend to have proper coordination amongst all of us, ” He told the partners in a serious mood adding,” Subsequently, before I sign any sectoral clearance I have to see your full report and the supporting financial report.”

The Managing Director noted that henceforth FDA’S representatives will go with the partners in the field for auditing purposes and if the audit does not prove to march the reality FDA will take appropriate actions. He then assured the partners of FDA’s fullest support to make sure that their jobs are made easier while expressing the hope that the partners will help FDA to become what it was purposed the be.

In her presentation which contained a conservation policy,  FDA’S Deputy Managing Director for, Conservation, Community and Carbon(3cs) Madam Nora Bowier, amongst other things drew a road map outlining FDA’s conservation priorities for 2024. She stressed the need for tighter collaboration and cooperation with the partners going forward. She earlier welcomed the partners and acknowledged their efforts while pledging to work with them closely to accelerate conservation activities in the sector.

The meeting witnessed exhaustive discussions amongst the partners on enhancing conservation activities, questions and answers, identifying gaps, problems and challenges that hamper growth and development in the sector.

Partners represented at the meeting were WCF, USAID, Eco Health Alliance, Tetra Tech, UNDP, UNDP/FAO, US Forest, LCRP US Service, Travels, FFI, SCNL and LCRP, Parley

At the end of the meeting, FDA and the partners/actors reaffirmed commitment to improve coordination, communication collaboration, and agreed to improve relationship and coordination to move the sector forward. The partners pledged to work with FDA and hoped she will take the lead progressively.

A draft coordination plan was presented to the partners by the FDA.

It can be recalled that across the conservation landscape there are a number of donors supported interventions which are being implemented by various stakeholders’ organizations.

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