Liberia News: “Executive Mansion Not In Good Condition”

Monrovia-Feb-2-TNR:Government says, “Promises renovation before moving in

The office of the President says the President of Liberia can not move in the Executive Mansion because the area is not in good shape as renovation is needed before he moves in.
As it stands, the Liberian leader is working from home because of said condition.
Speaking at the Home office the President, Presidential Press Secretary, Kula Fofana said the President is excited to start work from the Executive Mansion but was quick to say at the same time, the facility needs to be a representation of the Presidency.
She informed Executive Mansion Press that some of the floors and ceilings are not in good condition, indicating, “More work still needs to be done before President Boakai can commence work from the Executive Mansion.”
According to the Press Secretary, President Boakai will this February begin work at the Mansion as renovation works are still ongoing.
In addition to presidential news, PPS Fofana said officers who provided VIP security during the graduation ceremony of the United Methodist University on January 30, 2024 are undergoing full investigation for allowing the Liberian leader to be exposed in that manner.
She said that as those officers go through the investigation, they have been reassigned.

Although she said the preson who held the President just wanted to meet the Liberian leader but was fast to have said the occasion not the best place stating that they take seriously the security of the Liberian leader and will do all in their power legally possible to protect the Chief Executive.
“He personally reported himself to the Liberia National Police,” PPS Fofana said.

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