Monrovia-February-27-TNR:A non-governmental organization, Evergreen Agro Enterprise (EAE) administration has expressed gratitude to President Joseph Nyuma Boakia Sr. for nominating its Agribusiness Consultant, Joseph Toumed as Deputy Director of the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI).

In a statement, EAE noted that such nomination by the Liberian leader has demonstrated his vision to improve Liberia’s food security and economic growth.

According to the statement, President Boakai is vetting well-experienced and qualified Liberians into positions that are key to the economic recovery of the country especially in the agriculture sector.

Highlighting the experience and qualifications of the CARI Deputy Director- designate, Joseph Toumed, the statement indicated that Mr. Toumed has obtained two Master’s degrees in Public Policy and Management, Korea Development Institute KDI School of Public Policy Management and Agricultural Economics and Management, China Agricultural University.

The EAE statement further disclosed that Mr. Toumed has also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business and Public Administration from the University of Liberia including a High School and West African Examination Council Certificate from the Paynesville Community High School.

The statement asserted that Mr. Toumed has acquired other professional certificates including an Executive Certificate inClimate Change Mitigation from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Republic of Korea, a Certificate in Climate Change Adaptation, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Republic of Korea, Certificate in Macroeconomic Modeling, and Reporting from the University of Ghana.

The statement mentioned the professional contributions of Mr. Toumed dating back to the country’s human resources capacity. They noted that he is an instructor at the College of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Liberia (UL) Teaches and supervises students using lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, laboratory workshop sessions, seminars, case studies, field assignments, and independent or group projects,develops curriculum and prepare teaching materials, course outlines and supervises independent or group projects, field placements, laboratory work, or hands-on training.

The statement further pointed out that Mr. Toumed has experience and qualifications in Financial Management, where he served as Financial Management Officer, Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP).

He has participated in system design, development, user acceptance, integration testing, and go-live support during IFMIS implementation. As part of the parallel run team, he ensures that IFMIS and legacy systems are updated with accurate information.

He has also participated in the development of policy and procedure manuals, provides first-level technical support in resolving issues logged by IFMIS sites at the Service Desk before they are escalated to external support.

He also develops IFMIS user reports, undertakes regular quality assurance of the IFMIS master data, review and test internal controls, manages the IFMIS service desk and coordinate the support arrangements, provides support to users in processing transactions on the system, continuously monitors the system hardware and software infrastructure to ensure optimum performance, performs change management functions among others.

Mr. Toumed also served as an Agricultural Economist, in the office of the Assistant Minister, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), worked as a technical assistant to the senior Economist in the office of the Assistant Minister for Economic Policy and Management, conducting macroeconomic forecasting and modeling, reviewed and analyzed all macroeconomics reports from the various units in the Department of Economic Management and submitted a report to the senior Economist.

Toumed also collected macroeconomic data, compile and report to the senior Economist; Developed annual Economic review, and budget framework paper for the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, provided technical support to the senior economist on economics policy-related issues, regulates all support staff’s daily performance and submits it to the senior economist.

EAE also appreciates Mr. Toumed for the level of transformation in the growth of the organization through his consultancy by providing guidance and expertise in implementing programs to improve agricultural productivity including technical advice and expertise in implementing programs to improve agribusiness development at EAE, domestic, regional, and local trade of agricultural products.

He provides assistance and expertise in implementing programs to improve the competitiveness of agriculture-related industries and value chains, provides assistance and expertise in implementing programs addressing agricultural competitiveness and trade challenges in specific sectors and value chains.

EAE believes with such qualifications and experience, Mr. Toumed will institute quality reforms for productivity at CARI if confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

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