Monrovia-March-25-TNR:The leadership of the National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL) has urged its partners not to do business with its indefinitely suspended Secretary General, Samuel Y. Johnson and Isaac Seh Kamara, disqualified presidential candidate in the name of the institution.

Addressing a major news conference Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at the headquarters of the association in Monrovia, the leadership recounted that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kamara held a series of press conferences and made some unsubstantiated, baseless and misleading claims against the current administration headed by its President, Madam Mary W. Mulbah Nyumah.

As indicated in the press statement read by the current Secretary General of NTAL Mr. Dominic D. M. Suah, both Johnson and Kamara, who is also the former President of Bomi County Chapter of the NTAL, alleged that the past government, through the Ministry of Education, conspired with the association to get at him (Johnson).

According to the statement, the purported leaders of the institution among other things further claimed that the President of the NTAL, Madam Nyumah was offered a blue jeep in November 2020 by an unknown donor in order to compromise advocacies against the LEAP school.

“That the national president, Mrs. Mary W. MulbahNyumah pushed the NTAL constitution aside and decided to usurp the office of the Secretary General; a demand by Mr. Isaac Seh Kamara, calling for all NTAL’s accounts to be frozen, pending a comprehensive audit before the end of March, 2024, and that the National President, Mrs. Mary W. MulbahNyumah violated the Constitution of NTAL, and is illegally operating as National President of NTAL,” the release quotes.

But sharply reacting to these allegations, the Secretary General of the National Teachers’ Association of Liberia, Mr. Dominic D. M. Suah quickly clarified that both Johnson and Kamara are no longer in the positions they claimed to be holding, terming their self-imposed leaders of the institution as an impersonation.

“Mr. Isaac Seh Kamara and Mr. Samuel Y. Johnson, Sr. statements are misleading and have no substance of truth. Mr. Johnson’s assertion as the current Secretary General of NTAL is a total disaster. And in this open manner, we consider such act as a serious impersonation and total disregard to the teachers and education workers of Liberia,” he stressed.

The Chief Scribe of the mother entity of all teachers across the country also revealed that after thorough investigation, Mr. Johnson was found guilty and dismissed by the 66th National Delegates Convention, held in Voinjama City, Lofa County on December 28 – 30, 2022 on several counts.

He named the alleged refusal of the dismissed Secretary General to prepare documents, such as meeting minutes, programs, etc. as required by the laws of the NTAL and his reported failure to take instruction from the National President and the Representative Council (RC).

At the same time, the leadership stated in the release that Mr. Johnson is not a due payer; instead, he was hired and fired after four warning letters on December 6, 2014; February 18, 2020, and March 5, 2021.

“He was also issued four suspension letters on August 27, 2012 (2 months), March 5, 2021 (1 month), July 9, 2021 (3 months) and February 17, 2022 (indefinite suspension),” the statement said.

According to the Nyumah administration, the service of the dismissed executive of the association was finally terminated in line with Article 5.5.1., letters L, M & P of the December 29, 2022 amended Constitution, under the title: Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary General.

“Members of the Press, the decision to suspend Mr. Samuel Y. Johnson, Sr. met the consensus of the Representative Council. And this decision was approved by the 66th National Delegates Convention,” the release stressed.

Also responding to the former President of BomiCounty Chapter of the NTAL, Mr. Suah emphasized that Mr. Isaac Seh Kamara is parading the media landscape, inciting the teachers and education workers, due to his ineptitude and corruptibility while serving his previous position in the county.

According to him, Kamara currently owes the organization an amount of L$80,000 which he promised to have paid before the 65th National Delegates Convention held in Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County in 2018.

“This money was borrowed to help him to settle his mother’s medical bills but said amount has not been paid which led to his disqualification to contest as national president during the 65th National Delegates Convention which was a set criterion by the electoral body,” he added.

The Secretary General of the NTAL maintained that Kamara lacks the moral standing and face to demand the audit of the association when it’s often stated that ‘he, who comes with equity, must come with clean hands’.

“From the above mentioned, we think that this is a serious disservice to the teachers and education workers of this country, and we therefore caution our members and all our partners not to do business with them as they are no longer in the positions they claimed to be holding,” the statement noted.

Suah however thanked all members of the institution and education workers for their hard works and not being misled by what he termed as these falsehoods that have the sole will of tarnishing the professional image of our noble NTAL

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