Monrovia-March-18-TNR:The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has sharply responded to recent statement by Coalition for Democratic Change’s Secretary General Jefferson Koijee that no CDCian will comply with the assets recovery taskforce.

In sharp reaction to the CDC’SG statement, EFFL noted that its cur commitment to the establishment of the Assets Recovery and Property Retrieval Core Team under President Boakai’s leadership has been unwavering.

ELLF added, “We have invested significant time and effort into this quest without any room for compromise. However, we are deeply concerned about recent developments that threaten to undermine the progress we have made.”

EFFL noted that it has come to its attention that certain political figures, acting as self-appointed pulpit preachers or political gangsters, along with misguided individuals, are attempting to disrupt the functioning of the Assets Recovery and Property Retrieval Core Team. According to EFFL, “These individuals seem to believe that they can use their association with former President Weah to thwart the efforts of the duly elected government and push Liberia back into dark times.”

“We are prepared to challenge such an undemocratic mindset and to move Liberia towards a democratic path. Weah and his gangsters should know by now that we don’t move away from battle. If you put out 25 men, we will put out 200 men as well. We brought this government to power, and we will protect the government. We categorically reject any attempts to destabilize the work of the Assets Recovery and Property Retrieval Core Team. Such actions not only hinder our collective efforts to recover stolen assets but also pose a grave threat to the stability and prosperity of Liberia,” the political party noted.

According to EFFL, this also confirmed that the CDC administration looted our country intentionally and doesn’t want to account for their leadership. “We call upon the international community to take note of these concerning developments because we will not sit back and allow certain kinds of people to undermine our people. Former President Weah’s apparent support for individuals who seek to sow discord and undermine the rule of law must not go unnoticed. Liberia is not a playground for criminals seeking to plunder its resources. It is time to stand together against those who wish to bring war and chaos to our nation.”

EFFL which supported the election of President Joseph N. Boakai noted, “We urge all stakeholders, both domestic and international, to support President Boakai’s administration in its efforts to combat corruption, restore accountability, and uphold the principles of justice. Together, we can ensure that Liberia’s future is not marred by the mistakes of its past. We urgently call upon the international community to closely monitor the actions of former President Weah in light of recent troubling developments. Since the establishment of the Assets Recovery and Property Core Team, it has become increasingly apparent that former President Weah is actively working to undermine its operations.”

EFFL says it is deeply concerned by reports indicating that former President Weah is mobilizing gangs and former fighters to disrupt the functioning of the Assets Recovery and Property Core Team. Such actions according to EFFL, pose a serious threat to the rule of law and the stability of Liberia. It is imperative that the international community remain vigilant and actively engage with the situation unfolding in Liberia.

Among other things, the Economic Freedom Fighters noted that the attempts by former President Weah to obstruct the work of the Core Team must not go unchecked adding that Liberia’s future depends on the successful recovery of stolen assets and the restoration of accountability.

“We stand ready to work with the international community to ensure that the rule of law prevails and that justice is served for the people of Liberia,” EFFL concluded.

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  1. Bill Koiblee says

    The applaud EFFL statement against those CDC gangs who full intent is to disrupt the peace that Liberians had suffered for . We are prepared to join the EFFL to protect our hard earned peace.

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