By:Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-February-21-TNR:The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia’s Commander-In-Chief, Emmanuel Gonquoi has declined his nomination by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. Sr.

CIC Gonquoi said the EFFL is not a party of distrust rather conscious, respect and rule of law drives the agenda of the party.

Responding to his nomination in a surprising turn of events in the WhatsApp group of the party, the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia announced a temporary suspension of appointment acceptance, citing perceived disrespect from certain quarters.

The EFFL CIC clarified that they are not desperate job seekers and expressed willingness to serve the government if requested by President Boakai.

“Fighters! We are not accepting appointments until further notice. No need to celebrate. We are EFFL and a political party. We need some respect. We are not desperate job seekers,” he stated in a WhatsApp conversation.

Gonquoi however, raised concerns about individuals in the President’s office allegedly working against the government’s interests something he believes would lead to the downfall and failure of the UP government.

He furthered, “If the President requests that we serve his Government, we will gladly do so but some people in the office of the President trying to destroy his government. We don’t take disrespect lightly. We want the betterment of our people and country.”

CIC Gonquoi maintained that he wants President Boakai to succeed and do well for the people of Liberia and as such he will ensure the requisite things are been put into place. He stressed that his party has good intention for the government and people of Liberia but described some individuals in the President confined are disrespectful adding it just unacceptable in the EFFL.

Commander-in-Chief Emmanuel Gonquoi was recently appointed as Deputy Minister for Planning and Manpower at the Ministry of Labor by President Boakai. But Gonquoiuemphasized his party’s dedication to the betterment of the people and the country urging for respect in their pursuit of contributing to President Boakai’s success.

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