-Says LBS Director of Radio

Monrovia: The director of Radio at the Liberia Broadcasting System, Musu Sirleaf says, education promotes world peace, helps to reduce child mortality, promotes gender equality and empowers girls and women.

Speaking at the 17th 6 Graders and 19th Kindergarten Thanksgiving Graduation Ceremony of the WEBS International Daycare and Primary School in Paynesville, madam Sirleaf said there are a number of reasons why education is important.

Most likely she said, education bonds closely to the goals of an individual’s future and well-being, improves one’s communication skills by learning how to read, write, listen and speak.

Additionally, she told the kids that education empowers individuals to meet basic job qualifications and improve their well-being, develops one’s critical thinking ability when interacting with people and making sound decisions.

The LBS director of radio spoke on the theme, “The importance of education”.

According to her, if Liberia must get on path with other nations intense of developed, government, parents, guardians, and school administrators need to continuously focus their attention on improving the levels of education with more focus on the foundation.

She stressed that an educated population can positively contribute to the national building adding that, “Most countries around the world with the high literacy are more likely to make progress in human and economic development.”

She told parents and guardians that they should not stop their kids’ education at the level of primary or lower classes, but wants them strive to ensure theirs children are provided adequate education to enhance their human capacity.

She wants them prepare their kids at all levels including early childhood, basic and secondary; levels she said are tedious.

“I must admonish you to remain focused in this direction if the children must attain their goals for the good of our nation” she said.

Madam said the first foundation for those kids who recently graduated has be laid and “I urge you to continue providing support to make than acquire higher education.”

She added, “If you parents remain steadfast in this drive, you will gain your reward. Today, it is your time to spend money, buy school materials, food, find shelter, but there is a brighter tomorrow.”

Looking in the direction of the kids, the LBS radio boss said that Liberia needs more educated people to carry out developments in all sectors and they could be those who will impact the society with many changes if they put their time to education.


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