Monrovia-Feb-2-TNR: The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia has threatened to withdraw its support from President Joseph Nyumah government if the incumbent aligns with the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The EFFL warning follows the recent visit of Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (SAEFF), stating that former President George Manneh Weah’s 2023 electoral defeat was due to his disloyalty to the Liberian people.

However, according to a release, the EFFL CIC Emmanuel Gonqueh stressed the need for the Boakai administration to fulfill every promise made to the Liberian people during the election urging him not to betray the people’s trust.

CIC Gonqueh reemphasized the seriousness of Malema’sstatement, stating that any attempt by the President to align with the CDC would lead to their withdrawal.

“Any form of alignment with the former ruling CDC would contradict the principles of our party, compromise our core values and we will have no option but to withdraw our support with the Unity Party,” CIC Gonqueh added.

The release further quotes Mr Gonquoi as saying, “We have been allies in the pursuit of a better Liberia, but any move towards aligning with the CDC goes against the principles we stand for, our back will certainly be turned.”

The Commander In Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia believes that the Unity Party under Boakai will not take such a path, as it was for the same reason Liberians voted Weahout.

This early warning introduces a layer of complexity regarding the unity and stability of the current government, indicating potential shifts in alliances and political strategies.

While the leader of EFFL expresses contentment with recent government appointments, it also criticizes the administration for what he perceives as a lack of decisive action in addressing pressing issues added that without substantial and radical measures taken by the Boakai administration to rectify early irregularities, the situation might worsen.

Meanwhile, he promised that under an EFFL government, radical actions would be prioritized to fulfill the interests of the Liberian people.

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