Liberia News: Defeated, Not Dissolved

-CDC Rekindles Militancy Spirit Towards Revival -Ex-President Weah Decries Sacking of Poor Liberians

Almost eight months after losing an epically consequential election that would have ushered another grandeur six-year term of leadership, the former ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is once more endeavoring to rekindle its vanished morale and militancy spirit, implicitly sending an unequivocal comeback message that all is not lost, and that being defeated at the polls does not amount to being dissolved. No amount of thundering heavy downpour of rain could stand in the way of CDCians who garbed in the party’s colors of blue, red and white and sped to their famous Headquarters in celebration of “Militancy Day”. It was a hilariously emotion-evoking and spirit-awaking conglomeration of dedicated, diehard and never-dissuaded partisans who refuse to surrender party loyalty to the evil of losing last year’s historic vote. The New Republic’s Washington Watson followed the Militancy Day events characterized by battle cries, jubilations and engrossing speeches.


Monrovia-In the highest of demonstrating commitment and reinforcing the spirit of solidarity, partisans, supporters and well-wishers of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) last Friday defied all odds – a terrible drenching weather condition – and came out in their usual ‘human Tsunami’ in celebration of Militancy Day under the appellation of ‘turning setbacks into a mighty comeback.’

It was the first time the former ruling party congregated never-dying partisans (the blue army) in such huge numbers to, as they put it, ‘once again re-solidify and re-coagulate the revolutionary spirit’ that binds them together following the abysmal defeat to the Unity Party – its most political arch-rival.

The bloody-nosed humiliation in the November runoff vote caused a deep dyke of internal sore in the heart of CDCians who fought tooth and nail, and meandered tough terrains and trenches to win another term of office.

As if they were already in the Promised Land by winning the first round of vote, they fell short of the required percent and the table turned against them in a way not expected.

Also in a move considered as ‘adding insult to injury,’ its one-time firebrand and forthright Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu tendered his resignation and later resigned from the party all together.

But the party seems to regard these losses as part of human and institutional attachments, signaling that it is high time the party recouped and healed the deep wounds.

Nevertheless these troubling developments coupled with the departure of some members of the Coalition, banners carrying and battle-cries chanting partisans ambled through moving cars, making their way to their illustrious Headquarters which they almost lost through legal process days after the inauguration of President Joseph Boakai.

Partisans danced to the sounds of music that blasted from speakers mounted on moving cars, as if nothing ever worked against their existence.

“No matter what, we are CDC- the people’s party. We cannot never lose sight of the struggle for emancipation of our people. Yes, we were defeated but we are not dissolved. This party remains supreme,” chanted a loyal partisan as he walked his way through the crowd of partisans.

In the absence of their revered political leader, former President George Weah, were other leaders of the party, including House Speaker, Fonati Koffa, Senator Nathaniel Farlo McGill, Acarious Gray, and other distinct partisans who continue to embody the spirit of prestige of the CDC.

Apart from the outdoor enthralling events, surrogate social media platforms are swamped with revolutionary Militant Day messages to “all resilient cadres of the mighty Blue.”

“The strength and determination of the CDC stems from the unwavering support and commitment of the people. Regardless of the weather or the day, CDC supporters will always answer the call, undeterred by any threats or intimidation,” a statement on a surrogate social media platform read.

It further stated: “It is important to acknowledge that our nation belongs to each and every one of us, with the CDC representing our party and President George Weah serving as our standard bearer and political leader. These fundamental principles define us as a collective, and all attempts to undermine them will be futile.”

“As we proudly embrace the color blue as a symbol of unity and resilience, it is evident that we are dedicated revolutionaries steadfast in our mission to enact positive change in Liberia,” the statement echoed, and rallied CDCians to stand shoulder to shoulder, united in our principles, and we work towards a brighter future for our beloved nation.


Political leader comments

Speaking from the United States of America where he is vacationing, former President Weah, the political leader of the CDC accused his predecessor, President Joesph Boakai, of treading on the wrong political path by breaking the laws of the country.

He said the Boakai government needed to respect the rule of law and discontinue breaking laws governing “tenure positions” the UP led government at the time created.

The former Liberian leader asserted that during his administration the government did not break the law governing “tenure positions” because he was committed to upholding the rule of law. 

“When I was in power, they told me that this is a tenure position and you cannot take the person from their position until their time expires. And so be it; that is the law and cannot break the law. I hope this government will respect the laws of the Republic during this democratic period,” the former head of state urged.

He further ascribed the difficulties Liberians are undergoing under the UP-led Government to their anger-driven decision during the 2023 run-off presidential elections due.

The CDC leader bemoaned the government’s sacking of thousands of Liberians as a very wrong precedence, saying: “When you are angry and you elect the wrong people thinking that they are the savior; this is wrong.”

‘We were in opposition before, if you employ poor people that make minimum amount and somebody comes to power and says that because you were associated with the other people, and you are taken off job is very bad, This is not a good, no good leader can do that,” former President Weah noted.

The CDC Political leader urged President Boakai to see reason to keep those poor citizens who are making a minimum of fifty to hundred United States dollars in the government, regardless of their political affiliation.

“When I came to power, I left people who supported Unity Party. This it is wrong, everything they are doing is wrong, breaking our laws is wrong and the old man knows that,” he said.

The former President said during his administration, he respected President Boakai who was in the opposition because of the title as former vice president, including former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

According to him, President Boakai did not reciprocate such respect to him and other former leaders, saying that President Boakai should play a leadership role that will impact the lives of every citizen and not only those from the Unity Party.

The CDC Political leader assured the world of his commitment to upholding the peace and stability of the country despite the disrespectful attitude exhibited against him by the government of President Boakai and elements of the UP.

He told CDCians that they, as leaders, are watching the UP-led government, urging them to uphold the peace and stability of the country.


Speaker Koffa remarks


In his remarks, House Speaker Cllr J. Fonati Koffa encouraged CDCians to the understanding that “No successful revolution ever bypasses a counter-revolution,” saying that the party is in a period of counter-revolution.

“We must issue to our partisans the necessary caveat that during the period of the counter-revolution, unity is the most important point of the Congress and the party,” Koffa said.

According to him, the strength of the party lies right in the unity and in the ideologues that have brought them “here and in the forces that have kept us here. He added: “And so today, on the day that you have made memorable, you have stolen the show and stolen it fair and square.”

He told jubilant partisans that together with robustness and honesty, they will transform “Setbacks into a Great Comeback.”

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