Monrovia-February-27-TNR:The Liberia National Police has taken decisive action to implement new measures aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency in the country.

In a bid to improve traffic flow and bolster security, important changes have been introduced.

One of the key measures involves a strict prohibition on daytime operations for container trucks. Henceforth, these trucks will only be permitted to move between the hours of 8 PM and 6 AM. By confining their movements to nighttime, authorities anticipate a reduction in congestion on the roads, allowing for smoother transportation and improved overall safety.

In addition to the restrictions on container trucks, the authorities have made the decision to halt the operation of all old taxis within the city limits. This move is aimed at modernizing the taxi industry, ensuring that only vehicles meeting the necessary safety and efficiency standards are in operation. By removing older taxis from the streets, it is anticipated that the overall quality of transportation services will be enhanced, benefiting both passengers and the general public.

These new measures have been put into effect with the primary objective of creating a safer and more efficient transportation system in Liberia. The Liberia National Police is committed to maintaining law and order, as well as ensuring the well-being of its citizens. By implementing these changes, they aim to significantly improve traffic conditions and overall security within the city.

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