By Jamesetta D. Williams


Monrovia-The Civil Service Agency of Liberia (CSA) yesterday joined other nations around the world in commemorating Public Service Day at Ministerial Complex, with the CSA boss, Mr. Josiah F. Joekai, using the occasion to pay homage to those serving in public service for their dedication, integrity, and hard work to the nation.

June 23 has been set aside by the United Nations General Assembly on December 20, 2002 as UN Public Service Day to ‘celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community.’

It was celebrated Monday owing to the fact that June 23 falls on Sunday this year.

He said this year’s celebration serves as stark reminder of the importance of public service, recognizing the vital contributions of public servants who work tirelessly to ensure the effective functioning of government and the delivery of essential services to citizens.

Mr. Joekai described public servants as the very foundation of society, noting that their roles are not just crucial, but indispensable.

“You are the ones who implement policies, provide services, and foster an environment of trust and efficiency. Your unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of our community, uphold the principles of good governance, and respond to the challenges of our times with resilience and innovation. The dedication you exhibit daily is what helps build a more inclusive, effective, and responsive public service,” he asserted.

The CSA boss furthered that the occasion provided an opportunity for them to reflect on the values that guide our work, including transparency, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to the public good.

He said: “These principles are the cornerstone of a robust and responsive public service, embodied in the efforts of each and every one of you.”

According to him, this year’s theme, “fostering innovation amid global challenges; a public sector perspective; underscores the importance of enhancing digital technologies to improve service delivery, increase transparency, and make government operations more efficient and accessible.

Several individuals were honored for their exemplary and outstanding contributions, adding that their “dedication sets a high standard and serves as a beacon of what we can achieve when we work together with purpose and passion.”

According to him, the achievements are a testament to the impact of innovation and collaborative efforts in public service, reminding them of the power of dedication and creativity in overcoming challenges.

CSA Boss used the occasion not only to celebrate but also to recommit themselves to the mission of public service delivery, adding that “Together, they can build a more inclusive, effective, and responsive public service that meets the needs of their people and helps shape a brighter future for all.”


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