…For Skyrocketing Price Of Rice

Monrovia-May-22-TNR:Following huge increase in the price of Liberia’s staple food (Rice), the House of Representatives has unanimously voted, agreeing to summon Commerce and Industry Minister Amin Modad.

This follows a communication from both Districts #3 and 9 Representatives, Grand Bassa and Montserrado counties.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced on Monday, May 20, 2024 that the government of Liberia along with importers of rice have agreed to move the price of a bag of rice from $16.50 to $18.50 USD.

According to the Lawmakers communication to Plenary, the new price increase is troubling for the citizens both far and near, thus the harsh realities of the exercise accordingly has the proclivity to push other commodities higher as well and cause havoc in the nation.

‘’As you may be aware, this proposed astronomical increase of $18.50 cents is a Monrovia price, least to think about our people living in towns and villages with deplorable roads condition that which will stimulate dramatic escalation in price variations because of the difficulties faced in transporting commodities to rural communities. At the result, our people will feel the pinch of the insensitive and unimaginable raise in the price of an essential consumable”.

Montserrado district #9 Lawmaker Frank Saah Foko is insisting that the matter must at all times be treated with ultimate urgency to avoid plunging situations that have the propensity to create instability in the country.

In both communications, Matthew Joe and Frank Fokorecounted the April 14, 1979 riot that was caused by a proposed increment in the price of a bag of rice that left unending scars on many Liberians.

‘’Honorable colleagues, predicated upon these harsh realities, I curve your indulgence to kindly invite the Minister of Commerce and Industry to give us emphatic reasons for which we are we waking up to such an insensitive increase and how this Legislature can intervene to prevent the shocking and unrealistic price of our nation’s stable food”.

The House has mandated its cief clerk to write a communication inviting Minister Amin Modad and his Leadership May 28, 2024, Next week Tuesday.

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