Monrovia-Feb-3-TNR:The newly appointed Inspector General of police, Mr. Gregory Coleman who is facing confirmation hearing today at the Liberian Senate has denied allegations of his involvement in a land case between him and the Cee’s family as reported in the media.

Reacting to the allegation yesterday, the nominee for the post of Inspector General of Police said since beginning his professional service home and abroad he has not been linked to an act of criminality, harassment, intimidation and threats as being alleged. “I don’t even know the John Cee person in question before attributing his death to me, “Mr. Coleman clarified.

According to him, the only land he knows about is a parcel of land he purchased from one Ernest Nagbe located around the Tinker Village area for which he has all relevant documents to substantiate his claim but has not transacted any land business with the Cee’s family as being alleged.

Mr. Emmanuel Cee, son of the deceased, recently alleged that Mr. Coleman was in the act of criminality with one Eric Nagbeover a parcel of land located in Thinker Village, MontserradoCounty. Cee alleged that at one point, Mr. Coleman claimed ownership of the property and another time, Eric Nagbe claimed ownership of it.

But Coleman in his reaction said there has been no transaction between him and Cee or any other person on the issue of land besides Eric Nagbe who he purchased a parcel of land from sometimes ago and not the Cee family. “I don’t even know the Cee family least to talk about purchasing land from them,” he clarified.

When did I inflict injury on his entire family during my time at the LNP? Coleman wondered. He added, I came to the police with a clean hands and returning the same way, I’ve be involved in international policing over the past few years when I left the country and know nothing about what he’s alleging,” he further clarified.

Coleman clarified that his role in the land case was when the case was taken to court and later to the Liberia Land Authority for proper redress, saying, “I accompanied Eric Nagbe at that the land commission and that was my only involvement because I wanted to know the status of the case since Eric is my landlord.”

Gregory O.W. Coleman is a renowned security executive, public policy manager, an administrator with risk mitigation and analytics capabilities, a community relations expert with extensive experience orchestrating security enforcement activities and developing outreach plans while devising sensitive strategies and tactics. He enjoys diverse expertise on the international stage by managing robust government compliance for multi-national companies and increasing investors’ confidence by deploying innovative security strategies.

In 2016, Colonel Greg became the youngest-ever Inspector General of the Liberia National Police and Chairman of the West African Police Chiefs Committee (WAPCO). As a result of the successes achieved during his tenure in the LNP, Liberians have enjoyed police-community relations stability.

His tenure as Inspector-General was characterized by the professionalism that translated into a high level of confidence by the Liberian political leadership and international partners, thus expanding support to the LNP and the Liberian people.

In 2018 Greg moved from hard to soft security, serving as Director-General of the National Bureau of Concessions working with all Foreign Direct Investors holding concessions in Liberia. His roles and responsibilities included technical assistance to ministries, agencies, and commissions responsible for granting concessions.

After a year of working with the concessionaires and gaining insight into the impact of their investments on the local communities, Greg’s interest shifted to the investment-affected communities. He began working with the local communities creating alternative sustainable livelihood as a conflict-prevention tool and a means of increasing happiness. In November of 2019, Greg honorably resigned his post from the government and established the Sustainable Initiatives International (SII) to address community concerns. These communities’ concerns range from natural resource governance issues, food security, transparency, and accountability to limited access to justice and overall safety.

SII is a nonprofit sustainability organization collaborating and working with communities affected by investments, investors, companies, and government, to build synergies, thus creating a safe and sustainable environment. Through intelligent and secure initiatives, including advocacy, economic empowerment, early warning, reventative diplomacy, education, and primarily gender mainstreaming, SII tackles obstacles affecting the Sustainable Development Goals’ achievement at the local community level.

In 2020, Greg Moved to the US, where he joined The Inner, a community-based 501©(3), registered in Minnesota, volunteering as Program-Director. The Inner Hero consistently works with youth providing counseling and mentoring. Serving as a bridge, The Inner Hero works towards building trust and legitimacy between the communities and the police. Through sports, round-table dialogues, and community outreach, The Inner Hero creates a platform where the law enforcement officers and the community can meet and interact without any barriers.

Greg holds a Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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