…DCIAA President Admonishes Students

Monrovia-April-16-TNR:The President of the Dominion Christian Institute Alumni Association has called on students of the school to choose their career path wisely before leaving high school.

Speaking at the Dominion Christian Institute (DCI) Career Day program in Paynesville, Mark N. Mengonfia told the students that choosing a career is one of the critical things in life that people need to carefully choose less the make mistakes in life.

Mr. Mengonfia told them to identify their skills and have interest in what they want to do, explore career ideas, make a decision and set achievable goals.

According to him, a career plan is a strategy that each of them need continuously to develop to manage through life.

He said career planning is important for a number of reasons stating, “Having a career development plan in place reduces the risk of you making decisions that you do not want, and it helps you to recognize when you are ready to look for new career opportunities and develop new skills.”

The DCIAA boss encouraged the students that it is important for them to understand their range of skills and knowledge and by that they see if they’re a good fit for the job they like to do.

“Being aware of the skills you have also helps to highlight any gaps that may need to be filled to achieve your career goals,” he said.

Another point he made was that the students should make a list of all their transferable and specialist skills with examples of when you’ve demonstrated each.

“You are in high school and you cannot pass math but going to university, a friend encourages you to do biology and chemistry or the sciences. Know what you want to do and do not do it because a friend is doing it,” journalist Mengonfia told the students.

He added that “an honest assessment of your skills, values and interests will prove useful when narrowing down your options. Ask yourself these questions, what am I good at, what are my interests, motivations and values, what did I most enjoyed at high school, what kind of lifestyle do I want, what do I want from my career, what is important to me?”

He concluded by saying, that the students should not forget that career planning is a continuous process stating, “Revisit and review your aims and objectives throughout your career, and don’t feel constrained by the goals you’ve set.”

He said the structure of a career plan should help you clearly map out the route to trying something new.

The Career Day program is part of a weeklong event for the school’s Gala Day which started Sunday with a thanksgiving service, Career Day on Monday, African custom Day on Tuesday, King & Queen Contest,

Color Houses League and Friday 19, the Parade which the Dominion Christian Institute Alumni Association has planned to fully participate in.

The day was graced by former students of the institution including In-Training-Doctor, James Harris, Pastor Hanson Rejoice Togbah.

For their parts, Mr. Harris and Pastor Togbah encouraged the students to use the knowledge they are acquiring to make the right decisions.

“I never wanted to become a pastor, I wanted to be Doctor but God called me and I was left with no option, but to answer God’s call,” Pastor Togbah told tje students.

Also, In-Training-Doctor, Pharmacist Harris who had different dreams for his life had to do changes because the opportunity was not given thus putting him in the medical field.

Principle Instructor (PI) Henry Smith spoke of the military and said everything outside barracks are skills is within the military. “This is an organization that is not limited,” he said.

He told the students the importance of the military and encouraged students that if they deserve to become part of the military, it will be a good decision.

According to Smith, the military is a much disciplined profession and those who want make it as a career should ensure that they are discipline.

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