By: Emmanuel T. Quiah

Monrovia-March-1-TNR:A Chinese national has been arrested and facing police investigation at the Pleebo Police Detachment in Pleebo, Maryland County for his alleged involvement in illegal mining activities.

The Chinese national was discovered by some residents and community dwellers of Gebio, Zone #9 community in Pleebo on Saturday morning  February 24, 2024, allegedly carrying on illegal mining activities.

According to some eye witnesses from the affected community, their attention has been drew to the situation due to a heavy sound of working  equipment at night time when everyone in that area is asleep. The residents said they noticed that the situation happened two nights when everyone in the community went to bed.

During the construction of the Harper to Fish town road corridor which started in 2015 in Maryland county by a Chinese Construction Company known as ‘China Railway,’ a 12-bedroom house and a parcel of land were given to the company named as, ‘Chinese Camp,’ by the citizens of Pleebo, Maryland County through its local authorities for settlement and operations purposes.

But after the completion of the road in 2022, the China Railway Company has vacated the site and turned over all necessary materials to the local authorities of Maryland County, something which residents said was again occupied by another Chinese Company known as ‘SOAR MINING INC.’ without knowing their reason of occupying the compound.

The alarming situation has drew the attention of the Police Chief Investigator in Pleebo, Detective Jimmie T Kaydor and other Joint Security including local authorities in Pleebo who immediately proceeded on the scene and during the process they established that two holes were dug by excavators and a Katakata machine was installed over the hole. They also observed that a truck full of dirt was on the scene.

Upon this, the joint security and local authorities in the county invited the Manager of the company, Mr. Romeo Leo and Tao Yemie, CEO of the SOAR Mining INC.

During police investigations, they told investigators that they are licensed mining company and they are collecting samples for testing at their residence and because of this the management decided to dig the holes to curtail the water running in the community for hazard.

The management also told Police investigators that the dirt that was in the truck was taken from Grand Kru processing samples and when comparison was done, police investigators said it was proven that the dirt isn’t from Maryland as it was alleged by citizens and residents of Pleebo.

According to Police investigation, there was no mining activities been carried on at the site as has been alarmed by citizens of the community, noting that the management were advised to closed down the holes until proper negotiations is made to continue with their process.

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