By: Joyclyn Wea

Monrovia-February-28-TNR:The People’s Republic of China government has provided US$1million s’ worth of medical goods as part of its commitment to help Liberia’s healthcare system to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia.

As part of the 40th anniversary commemoration of the Chinese medical team’s arrival in Liberia, a contribution of pharmaceuticals for the year 2024 has been made.

The drugs include cardiology-specific medications as well as clinically used antimalarials, antimicrobials, dental x-rays, sterilizers, etc.

“The history of the Chinese medical team as far as I know is dated 2007-2008 and it has been a very fruitful and productive association, as Liberians are very grateful for what the Chinese medical team is doing here,” Dr, Dennis said.

Dr. Dennis is the officer in charge of the JFK Medical Center in Liberia, he says the presence of the Chinese medical team shows a lot of their commitment to what they are doing for the people of Liberia.

“The donation of medication especially the cardiology medication and training of the cardiologists are very much appreciated and we look forward to continuing the collaboration between the two medical teams,” he noted.

Every year, as part of its support, the Chinese Government donates medicine and medical supplies to the government of Liberia. The last time the event happened was February, when the Chinese Government handover the 2023 regular equipment at the medicines and medical the Hospital and the launch of the cardiology Administration Center, cooperation project, and the first batch of Cardiology-specific medicines and medical consumables at the China Medical Team’s Compound.

“During these two years, I have traveled to Bong, Margibi, and Grand Bassa counties with the medical team to provide medical services for Liberian friends, not only enjoying the beautiful natural scenery of Liberia but also feeling the warmth and sincerity of Liberian friends.”

“Over the past 40 years, we have not only witnessed the growth and development of JEK Hospital but also experienced the trials of Ebola and COVID with the arrival over the past 40 years, onemedicine after another, one batch of Chinese doctors after another,” Dr. Guo Jian, leader of the 16th China medical team.

These Chinese doctors according to Dr. Jian, not only provide medical services for Liberians at JFK Hospital and Monrovia, but also go to remote villages to hold charity clinics to help orphans, the elderly, and the disabled.

He disclosed that over the past 40 years, the medical team’s services have spread throughout also been one batch to provide high-quality medical As a trustworthy partner, the China Medical Team will continue services to more Liberian friends with the support of the Chinese Embassy and Ambassador Yin, and based on the excellent platform of JEK Hospital.

“We are grateful as Liberians to be able to learn about the heart and brain and even treating people and today they are well,” a specialist at the cardiology center at JKF.

She further, “We were not doing BMB (a marker) to test whether a person has heart failure to distinguish them from other kidney failure and other conditions but this program gives us the opportunity that we have done more than a thousand cardiology medications free and some of these pills cost up to US$180 thatwill be given to patients free.”

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia said the donation is a testament to the Chinese people’s value of peace and life and foreign medical assistance. “China remains firmly committed to supporting Liberia’s healthcare development through diverse means. We stand ready to join hands with Liberians to build a shared future of health and well-being for all,” Chengwu.

The ambassador noted that this year is the 16th batch of China-Aid Medical Team to Liberia, a demonstration of unwavering commitment to serving the Liberian people and Chinese compatriots with exceptional medical care.

Since 1984, China and Liberia have forged a robust partnership through China-Aid Medical Team Program, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in combating outbreaks like Ebola and COVID-19. The China-Aid Medical Team have embodied the noble spirit of “braving hardship, being willing to dedicate, saving lives and helping the injured, and showing great love”, carrying forward the torch of benevolence and remaining steadfast in their mission. In 2022, the two governments signed a new round of protocol for dispatching China’s medical team to Liberia (2022-2027) , further strengthening our ties.

On May 18, 2020, President Xi Jinping announced in his speech at the opening of the 73rd World Health Assembly video conference that 30 China-Africa paired hospital cooperation mechanisms will be established. Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC) in Liberia established a cooperation mechanism as one of the implementation initiatives. As one of the important contents of the cooperation mechanism, the two sides launched the “Cardiology Construction Cooperation Project”, which aims to help Liberia build an independent cardiology team with 12 beds, 4 cardiologists, and 4 nurses through cooperation and assistance such as medical equipment and medicine donation, clinical guidance by experts, remote training and training in Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital. As a result, the project achieves the goal of reserving medical and nursing talents and improving the level of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the ability to rescue emergency and critical illnesses. The project period is from 2022 to 2025 and is processing successfully and fruitfully.

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