Monrovia-Feb 8 An opposition lawmaker who is a Representative of Sinoe County, Alex S. Noah has pledged his unflinching support to Joseph N. Boakia’s administration to ensure that residents of District #3 in Sinoe County benefit.

Speaking on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, on a local radio station, Representative Noah said almost every lawmaker is thinking in the same direction supporting the Boakai administration adding that he has interacted with almost every lawmaker in the House of Representatives of the 55th Legislature.

According to Rep. Noah, the prospect of the Legislature is to see a better Liberia that every Liberian will be able to benefit. Noah mentioned that the falling of the old leaves is a warning to the new leaves. He furthered that the rate of those Lawmakers who did not make it back to the House of Representatives speaks as evidence of not working in the interest of those who elected them. Noah disclosed that for some reason they did not perform their duties as lawmakers.

The Sinoe County Lawmaker furthered that the Liberian people are getting tired of those behaviors from some of the lawmakers them elected to represent them at the level of the National Legislature. He said those of them who have been elected by their people are very careful as to how they go about governing the country.

The lawmaker pointed out that they are making sure that for those reasons other lawmakers who were not elected are ratified by them. Noah mentioned that this is based on the reasons that they have stood their ground to ensure that the right things are done.

He said the election for the Speakership at the House has proven the level of how together they are as members of the 55th Legislature. According to him, many times people are found going the way the Presidency goes something they came on board to change in the interest of the country.

He disclosed that they did not come in leadership to go against the government of President Boakia but to help change the dynamic of politics in the country. He concluded, “When you say it was not correct yesterday then it should be ratified today.”

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