…Says Gov’t Scores 0.0035%

Monrovia-May-3-2024-TNR:The former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of football legend George Manneh Weah has released its assessment of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s 100-days deliverables grading the government 0.0035 percent.

The opposition political party graded President Boakai low in his first one 100 days, describing the Unity Party’s 100-Day Action Plan as a Fiasco and colossal failure.

Few hours after President Boakai address the nation on his 100-days deliverables, CDC in a swift move, said its conclusion is drawn from Unity Party’s own published “achievements” during the period under review.

The defeated ruling party added Unity Party performance was dismal as it achieved a 0.0035%, far below 1% of its hundred day’s projects and programs objectives.

CDC quoted the Unity Party as saying that it would have funded using US$23,488,543.00 of taxpayers’ monies. Of the government’s 67 routine targets for the hundred days according to the former ruling party, appallingly, the government only achieved 12, representing 18%, the government failed to achieve 38 of those targets, representing 58% not achieved, while 17 of those projects remain incomplete, representing 24 percent.

The opposition political party added, “This assessment does not consider the projects and targets the government said its partners would implement. Besides this statistical evidence above, the evidence of the obvious colossal failure of these overambitious plans are evident in the street and every corner of the country.”

CDC went on, “As we release these assessments, the price of a 25kg of rice is LD$300 more than what it was before the Unity Party’s first hundred days, likewise, the cost of a dollar GSM card and voice and data bundles have also increased.”

CDC noted that the price of gasoline sold on the streets as of May 1, 2024 is $1000.00LD, a prohibitive cost so unbearable and more that LD $ 200 of what it was before the hundred days.

The party added that police and para-military brutalities are becoming increasingly rampant while unexplained deaths continue to swell throughout the country just within the period of UP hundred days.

“The sad stories of fire incidents and their disastrous outcomes remain unattended to by the government, the worst insensitivity any government would render its people,” it added.

On Boakai’s “No Car would Get Stuck On A Major Road” policy statement, the CDC said such statement ended up as a “Big Lie” as there are several pictorial and documented evidence of cars getting stuck on major highways.

“Regrettably, after hundred days, the government only celebrates few miles of grated roads that would soon lie in ruins due to the imminent rainy season. After the much talked about hundred days, the streets of Monrovia and its environs remain filthy as dirt and sewage are making untidy heaps.”

“The Coalition for Democratic Change and its political allies will relentlessly engage this failed Unity Party-led government to ensure our hard-fought peace is sustained and their diabolical lies and plans are exposed,” CDC continued its critique of the UP government.

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