Liberia-The opposition Coalition for Democratic Change has given its backing to report released by the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) relative to the state of affairs under the President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

The CDC through its Council of Patriots said the country, under President Boakai, has been reduced to a ‘zone of corruption and nepotism,’ and called on Liberians to rally for the redemption of the state.

In a statement issued at the weekend, CDC-COP acknowledged what it called “the testimonial report released by CENTAL, which highlighted the rampant corruption, law-breaking, and leadership decadence instituted by the Boakai-Koung administration since its inception.

“This report confirms everything the CDC-COP and the Liberian masses have been highlighting for the past six months. Under Mr. Boakai, Liberia has been reduced to an ozone of lawlessness, backwardness, chronic corruption, public resource looting, open bribery, police brutality, skyrocketing economic hardship, flawed economic policies, and dysfunctional leadership coordination,” the statement claimed.

“CDC-COP recognizes CENTAL as one of the few credible institutions in the country and calls on international partners, especially USAID and the European Union, to increase funding for their activities,” it further noted.

According to the political group, CENTAL’s reports shed light on the true suffering and agony of the Liberian people under President Boakai. “We urge CENTAL to continue advocating for accountability and transparency. The Liberian people will stand with them for an open and balanced democracy,” CDC-COP accentuated.

It called on the Liberian masses to be aware that the suffering and leadership ineptitude are becoming unbearable.

“Motorcyclists have been neglected, civil servants unlawfully dismissed by Josiah Joekai of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), market women beaten and chased away, youth being killed by gangs, fire disasters at an all-time high, clinics and medical centres without essential drugs, basic commodity prices rising daily, corruption rampant across all sectors of government, armed officers being murdered in the barracks, police brutality increasing, students at public universities sitting on the floor, critical voices of the government targeted for persecution, and the state perishing at an accelerating speed,” CDC-COP claimed.

The statement further quoted the group as saying that the nation is unsafe under the vindictive leadership of a careless and clueless old man, stressing “The republic needs urgent redemption. Patriots must rise to protect and redeem our motherland.”


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