Monrovia-February-28-TNR:The disunity among members of the Bong County Legislative Caucus has deepened to the point that a member of the caucus has being forced to resign from the caucus as long as Senator Prince K. Moye is a part.

He said, “I can no longer stand by and witness the manipulation and underhanded tactics employed by Senator Prince Moye.”

According to him, Moye’s actions have created a toxic environment within the Legislative Caucus making it impossible for him to continue along with him.

The Bong lawmaker said most of the disunity and backwardness of the county can be attributed to Senator, Moye whom he said fears that Cole might contest against him in the 2029 Senatorial elections.

Commenting on the recent protest in the county demanding for the resignation of the college president, the Bong county lawmaker pointed accusing fingers at Senator Moye of being the one who reportedly determined said disruption in the county.

He also accused the Senator of undermining developmental activities in the county and that he planned and put citizens against county authorities.

The lawmaker recounted that Senator Moye made a health worker to disrespect him(Rep. Cole) stating that it is the same person he (Sen. Moye) is pushing to become Deputy Minister For Administration against the will of President Boakai who has also been appointed.

On the issue of some US$7 million dollar audit report, Cole said the Senator should have implemented findings especially when he served in the two previous governments instead of things that do not matter.

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