Monrovia-Feb-19-TNR:The newly elected Chairman for the Coalition for Democratic Change’s 55th Legislative Caucus, Nathaniel McGill says the caucus will reject what he calls the unexplained request of US$41.3 million by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

Recently, the Liberian leader formally wrote the 55th Legislature requesting that branch of government to grant him approval to use US$41,300,000 for the month of February so as to prevent the shutdown of the national government.

The President indicated that while the Executive Branch through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning gears up to submit the budget, the approval by the Legislature to expend the US$41.3 million will certainly prevent the government from being shut down.

“In view of the fact that the draft budget for the fiscal year 2024 was returned and is being finalized for resubmission, the operations of the government have to continue to avoid a shutdown.

In view of the above, we are seeking the authorization to spend the amount of US$41,300,000.00 as reflected in the detailed attachment. This amount will cover the Government operations for the month of February 2024,” the communication read.

But addressing legislative reporters few minutes after their caucus’ leadership election on Friday, February 16, 2024 in Monrovia, the Margibi Senator stressed that there are lots of unexplained lines indicated in the President’s request to approve the US$41.3 million.

Highlighting some of those lines, Senator McGill who also chairs the Senate Committee on Education pointed out that US$5 million to settle domestic debt, stressing that the Liberian leader failed to clearly state the individuals to be paid.

He further flagged the US$2 million for operations, saying the Liberian Chief Executive did not tell the Legislature in detail what kind of operations he was referring to under the US$41.3 million request.

“There were few things we discussed, we discussed the current budget that’s been submitted by the President. The CDC is very concerned that the budget will be thoroughly debated; we want to know there are few aspects of the budget we want clarification on,” Senator McGill said.

The CDC Legislative Caucus stated that their critical stance regarding the President’s request is not meant to sabotage the Liberian people but it is intended to promote accountability and transparency in the governing system of the country.

“We will only support the budget if we have full detailed clarification. For instance, we don’t know when he said he wants to pay a domestic debt of US$5 million, the operation of US$2 million and we don’t know what that US$2 million is and we want a full detailed explanation,” the caucus chair intoned.

He added, “The CDC declines to support a US$26 million to pay civil servants; we discussed that in our caucus. All we’re saying to the government is to explain to us why you want to spend US$41.3 million for a short term basis which is February and you’re giving unexplained reasons.”

At the same time, Senator Nathaniel Farlo McGill disclosed that on a consensus basis, the caucus also elected MontserradoCounty Electoral District #16 Representative Dixon WlawleeSeboe as Co-Chair, Sinoe County Electoral District#2 Representative Samson Quejue Wiah as Secretary and LofaCounty Electoral District #2 Representative Julie F. Wiah, Treasurer.

He told legislative reporters that the setting up of the leadership was necessary ahead of the CDC Comeback Retreat 2024, which was announced by the National Executive Committee of the party on February 5, 2024.

As part of his leadership objectives, the CDC 55th Legislative Caucus Chair stressed that to ensure good governance under the administration of the ruling Unity Party, the government will be made to function in keeping with its responsibility to the citizens.

According to him, the CDC learnt a lot of lessons from its six years in power and where many mistakes were made will be corrected, while pressing on the UP led government to keep its promises made to the Liberian people.

“When you make a commitment, you must keep the commitment; the Liberian people voted for you because of the commitment you made. There’s no time for excuses and the Liberian people don’t want excuses; they want to make sure things happen right away so we will take things one at a time,” Senator McGill concluded.

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