By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Monrovia-March-12-TNR:President Joseph N. Boakai says he’s aware of the numerous concerns by judicial actors over his recent speech in which he alerted over allegations of corruption in that branch of Government.

“I am glad about the fact that my speech about the justice system is being elevated by the Supreme Court,” the Liberian leader said at the opening for the March Term of Court.

On January 22, 2024, while addressing the 55th National Legislature on Capitol Hill, President Boakai asserted that the justice system that is to protect the innocents and punish the guilty is marked with inefficiencies, corruption, and lack of public trust.

The Liberian leader further called on the Legislative body to pass legislation and support financial appropriations that will help in the fight against corruption in the justice system.

President Boakai, however, expressed his willingness to collaborate with the judicial system to make it better and independent to gain public trust.

At the same time, Justice Jamesetta Wolokie reiterated the Supreme Court’s commitment as the head of the judicial system of government to take seriously the statement made by the Liberian leader that the judiciary is marked by corruption.

Justice Wolokollie further cautioned judicial actors to take the statement made by President Boakai as a challenge and decisively demonstrate that they are efficient, non-corruptible and trustworthy in dispensing justice without fear nor favour.

Meanwhile, Justice Wolokollie was alarmed over the influx of unknown persons claiming to be sheriffs and constables from the Ministry of Justice assigned to serve as Ministerial Officers to the courts.

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