…calls For Corrective Measures To Tackle Rising Fire Disasters

Monrovia-April-17-2024-TNR:A day after the home of House Speaker Fonati Koffa was burned down, President Joseph N. Boakai has called for measures to be put into place to tackle several cases of fires breaking out.

President Boakai spoke Monday morning during his visit at the home of the Speaker to express his empathy.

President Boakai during the visit called for corrective measures to tackle the rising fire disasters nationwide, barely a day after House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa’s house was destroyed.

While visiting Speaker Koffa on Monday, 15 April 2024, at his Rehab Community residence in Paynesville, Mr. Boakai pledged his government’s commitment to implement collective measures to tackle recurring of fire outbreaks in the country.

His visit was to empathize with the Speaker and his family following the Sunday fire disaster that shocked the country.

President Boakai expressed regret about the rooming fire incident across the country and stated that his government attached serious importance to the fire outbreaks across the country.

He assured that the government will enhance corrective measures to tackle the fire outbreaks. There was no casualty reported from the fire incident at Speaker Koffa’s residence.

Up to present, there has been no official account of the cause of the fire outbreak, but some members of the public are speculating that it might have been caused by an electrical fault, among other things.

Liberia’s National Fire Service appears to be largely incapacitated in responding to fire outbreaks, and the incident at Speaker Koffa’s residence and other recent cases could point to the realities.

Speaking during the President’s visit at his residence, Speaker Koffa said, “I am grateful for President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’svisit at my house yesterday, in the aftermath of the fire incident. It was uplifting and I say thank you plenty Mr. President for making the time to walk with me through the remnant of my fire ravaged home, it shows you care on a human level.”

Speaker Koffa added, “Yes, we are from different sides of the political divide and from different branches of government, but we all belong to one Liberian family and it is these kinds of gestures that give our people hope in national reconciliation and collective progress.”

The House Speaker noted that the out pouring of love and show of concern such as the President’s visit are solid building blocks in the overall efforts to reconcile the country after a hard fought election and to work across their differences to deliver a better life to all of the citizens.

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