Monrovia-March-27-TNR:President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has made additional appointments of officials to positions in government affecting several agencies and local government.

These appointments supersede any previously published in similar agencies and positions.

The institutions and nominees are, Liberia Refugee Repatriation Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), Mr. Patrick TarnueWorzie, Executive Director; Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), Mr. Joseph Toumed, Deputy Director for Administration, Finance and Audit.

At the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA), the President appointed Gabriel N. Domah, Deputy Director General for Administration, Bureau of Maritime, Emmanuel N. Reeves, Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs, Cllr. Margaret C. Ansumana, Deputy Commissioner for Maritime Operations, Yvonne Clinton, Deputy Commissioner for International Vessel Registration.

At the National Commission on Higher Education, the President nominated Dr. Edward Wonkeryer, Director General; at the Liberia Institute for Public Administration, he named Nee-Alah T. Varpilah, Director General, Atty. Michael B. Wah, Jr., Deputy Director General for Administration, Mariama Macauley, Deputy Director General for Training & Manpower.

Board of Advisors Liberia Refugee Repatriation & Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), Boakai named the Ministry of Internal Affairs as Chairman; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Co-Chairman; Ministry of Minister of Justice, Member; Ministry of Finance Development Planning, Member; UNHCR Representative, Non-Voting Member and Mr. Patrick Tarnue Worzie, Executive Director LRRRC, Secretary.

In Grand Gedeh County the President named Mr. Henry Zonweay, County Inspector, Grand Gedeh County, Davidson Barlee, Assistant Superintendent for Development; Retha Kai Massaquoi, Mayor, Zwedru City,   Mr. Daniel Wondee, District Commissioner, Bao Administrative District, Electoral District #3; Kelvin Karyee, District Commissioner, B’hai Administrative District, Electoral District #3,; Cecilia Borkey, City Mayor, City Cooperation, Electoral District #3; Maryland County; Henry Cole, Superintendent; Fred Bartoe Hinneh, Assistant Superintendent for Development, Stephenson Dweh, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs; Anthony Nyemah Cooper, County Inspector; Dominic Dennis, Relieving Commissioner; Abraham B. Jackson, Mayor, Harper City; Larry G. Geekor, Mayor, Pleebo City; Mr. Winston Blayon, Development Superintendent for Barrobo Statutory District; John Togba, Development Superintendent, Barrobo District, Statutory District; Sylvester S. Weah, City Mayor, Barrobo District, Statutory District; Tom K. N. Geffie Jr., District Commissioner, Whojah District, Electoral District #3; Sampson Karmanue, District Commissioner, Nyonken District, Electoral District #3; David Borjah, Township Commissioner. S.S. David Township, Whojah District; Eric Joloba, Township Commissioner, Geegbadio Township, Whojah District; Macosa Hinneh, Development Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District, Electoral District #3; Joseph Saygbe, District Commissioner, Administrative District, Electoral District #3. 

In Lofa County, Boakai named J. Lavelah Massaquoi, Superintendent, Lofa County; Makemen Tawulleh, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs, Lofa County; Francis Lansana, Assistant Superintendent for Development, James Z. Tarnue, County Inspector, Peter T. O. James, Statutory Superintendent, Foya Statutory District; Joseph Mbokar, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development; PendorahC.W. Zaizay, City Mayor, Voinjama City; William Akoi Eeasiah, Relieving Commissioner, Lofa County; Anthony Sumo,Commissioner, Zogolemai Township, Voinjama District; Commissioner,  Barkedu Township,  Quardu-Gboni District; Losene Dukuly, Commissioner, Quardu- Gboni Administrative District, Quardu- Gboni District; Papa K.B. Johnson, Commissioner, Zolwo Township, Zorzor District; Harris Domah, Commissioner, Solumba Township, Waum District; Sidikie Dukuly, Commissioner, Vahun Administrative District, Vahun District; Paul Kalama, Commissioner, ZorzorAdministrative District, Zorzor District; Ben Gorlema, Commissioner, Salayea Administrative District, SalayeaDistrict; Joseph K. Yarkoi, Commissioner, KolahunAdministrative District, Kolahun District; David Mawolo, Commissioner, Voinjama Administrative District, VoinjamaDistrict; Saa Njamilah Bornquoi, Commissioner, FoyaAdministrative District, Foya District; Thomas Bundol, Commissioner, Waum Administrative District, Waum District; Prince Tamba Fallah, Commissioner, Tengia Administrative District, Tengia District; Francis Daudau, Commissioner, Lukambeh Administrative District, Lukambeh District; VafolayF. Karvah, Commissioner, Wanhassah Administrative District, Wanhassah District; Anthony V. Kamara, Commissioner, Quardu- Gboni Administrative District, Quardu-Gboni District; Moses Vargai, Mayor, Salayea City, Salayea District; YankoiDolo, Mayor, Zorzor City, Zorzor District; Caroline M. Momoh, Mayor, Kolahun City, Kolahun District; Josiah Saakeh, Mayor, Foya City, Foya District and Salia Kanneh, Mayor, PasowolahunCity, Lukambeh District.

In Bomi County, the President appointed Prince B. Marshall, District Commissioner, Senjeh Administrative District, Electoral District #1; Mark D.G Lahai, Development Superintendent, Suehn Mecca District, Electoral District #3; Anthony Healo, District; commissioner, Dewein District, Electoral District#3.

In Bong County he appointed Hawa Loleyah Norris, Superintendent, Bong County; J. Richard Duwanju, District Commissioner, Bofiville, Zota Administrative District, Electoral District #4; Torhn N. Konisear, District Commissioner, PantaAdministrative District, Electoral District #4; Arthur Kpoleh, District Commissioner, Zota Administrative District, Electoral District #4 and Hampton B. Giddings, District Commissioner, Fuamah District.

In Montserrado County, the President appointed Ernest Gargar, Relieving Commissioner, Bentol City, Electoral District #1; Edwin M. Urey, Mayor, Careysburg City, Electoral District #1; Emmanuel Davies, Statutory Superintendent, Todee District, District #1; Moses K. White, Township Commissioner, Louisiana, Electoral; District #1; John S. Randell, Township Commissioner, Johnsonville Township, Electoral District #2; Edward Horton Lahai, Township Commissioner, Congo Township, Electoral District #5; Florence P. During, Mayor, Brewerville City, District #17; Philip K. Allison, Jr., Commissioner, Barnesville Township, Electoral District#11; Comfort W. Williams, Commissioner, Dixville Township, Electoral District#11; Ibrahim Sarpee, Commissioner, Caldwell Township, Electoral District#11; Dio Himia Elliot, Commissioner, Gardnerville Township, Electoral District #11; Fidelic Wollor, Commissioner, New Georgia Township, Electoral District #13; Romeo R. Clarke, Sr., Mayor, Arthington City, District #17 and Tankie Dukuly, Commissioner, Virginia Township, District #17

in Rivercess County, President Boakai named D. Nestor Jones, District Inspector, Monweh Statutory District, Electoral District #1; William Yasay, Commissioner, Dodain Administrative District, Electoral District #1; Matthew Wise, Commissioner, Central Rivercess Administrative District, Electoral District #1.

In River Gee County, the President appointed Mike T. Swengbe, Superintendent; Alex Hinneh, Assistant Superintendent for Development; Evelyn Dweh Washington, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs; Alexander Dennis, County Inspector; Oretha Wilson, County Relieving Commissioner; Wlehpue Bartee, Mayor, Fishtown City; Aflah Allison, Mayor, Kronowroken City, Joyce Chea, Mayor, Kanweaken City, Alfred George, Township Commissioner, Wessehville Township,Nyenawiliken; Parr Wuo, Township Commissioner, DrugboTownship, Nyenawiliken; S. Swen Solkroe, Jr., District Inspector, Administrative District #2, Potupo District; Koffa Noring, District Commissioner, Chedepo District, ChedepoDistrict; Samuel Kargbo, District Commissioner, NyeneboDistrict, Electoral Distrcict #3; P. Blidi Hinneh, Commissioner, Tianboville Township, Electoral District #3; Caroline D. Dickson, Commissioner, Tuobo Township, Electoral District #3; Alphonso Q. Barley, Commissioner, Poduway Township, Electoral District #3.

In Margibi County, ne appointed Victoria W. Duncan, Superintendent, Margibi County, in Grand Kru County Boakainamed Antoinette Worwlee Nimely, Superintendent, Grande Kru County; Joe M. Sekpeh, Development Superintendent, Grand Kru County; A. Nyeneh Teah, County Inspector, Grand Kru County.

In Nimba County, the President appointed Kou Meapeh Gono, Superintendent; Peter Karngbay, Assistant Superintendent for Development; Dudley S. Debois, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs; Daniel Zekpeh, County Inspector; Samuel SayeHardt, Mayor, Ganta City; Joseph Wongan, Mayor, SacleapeaCity; Zramien Z. Zinor, Mayor, Sanniquelle City; KarlewoeDahn, Mayor, Tappita City; Daybah Zain, Mayor, KarnplayCity; Sarpa Mahn, Mayor, Bahn City; Sambato L. Nuah, Statutory Superintendent, Zoe-Geh Statutory District; Moore Vankan, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, Zoe-Geh District; Aloucher N. Garr, Statutory District Inspector, Zoe-Geh Statutory District; Lonbayee M. Barlea, Statutory Superintendent, Tappita Statutory District; Ben G. Tongar, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, TappittaStatutory District; Papa Kartee, Statutory District Inspector, Tappita Statutory District; Paye Misohn Gbozuah, Statutory Superintendent, Sanniquellie Mah Statutory District;   Peter Kawhnwhin, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, Sanniquelle Mah Statutory District; Darlington Kehlewein, Statutory District Inspector, Sanniquelle MahStatutory District; James Zuorpeawon, Statutory Superintendent, Gbehley-Geh Statutory District; Norris Lombaye, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, Gbehley-GehStatutory District; John D. Duo, Statutory District Inspector, Gbehley-Geh Statutory District; Cooper Gour, Statutory Superintendent, Saclepea Statutory District; David Paykar, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, SaclepeaStatutory District; Jefferson Gogor, Statutory District Inspector, Sacleapea Statutory District; Paul Jackson, Statutory Superintendent, Yarwin Mehsonoh Statutory District; Andrew Larmie, Assistant Statutory Superintendent for Development, Yarwin Mehsonoh Statutory District; Yelegar Yelegay, Statutory District Inspector, Yarwin Mehsonoh Statutory District.

These nominations, where applicable, are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

President Boakai further called on all those nominated and appointed to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.

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