By Mark N. Mengonfia

Monrovia-Feb-19-TNR:One of the popular statements of Liberia’s new President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai is “No Business as usual.”

The Liberian President has vowed to ensure that he doesn’t follow the path of past governments and how they have conducted the affairs of the country by violating provisions of the Liberian Constitution or disregarding the status of the country.

But his statement seems not to match with his deals according to some Liberian who supported his quest for the presidency.

The President has come under strong criticism for breaking the Executive Law of Liberia. Session 10.2 of the Executive Law that speaks of appointment of Cabinet Members from all Counties states, “As far as practicable, the President SHALL appoint at least one member of the Cabinet from every county of the Republic.”

Shall in law, is a mandate, compulsory, obligatory, or non-discretionary and needs not to be overlooked.

President Joseph Boakai has appointed 15 Ministers to head Ministries including 2 ministers of state without portfolio. Lofahas 5 (29.4%), Bong has 4 (23.5%), Bassa, Bomi, and Nimbahave 2 each (35.3%) while Cape Mount and Sinoe have one each (11.7%) an analysis from former Minister of Finance now Senator of Gbarpue County.

Senator Amara Konneh’s analysis shows that Gbarpolu and Margibi in both rounds of the elections supported Mr. Boakaiquest but the two counties along with others have not received any ministerial position in keeping with session 10.2 executive law.

“The President promised a Minister from each county. Clearly, this promise will not be fulfilled,” Senator Konneh said in a post on social media.

Senator Konneh intoned, “The Southeast which has six counties (Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Kru, Rivergee, and Rivercess) has received only one Ministerial appointment. Five counties (Lofa, Bong, Bassa, Nimba, and Bomi) account for 88.2% of all cabinet appointments so far.”

Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe is one person who supported the election of President Boakai. He, too, has issues with how the President has conducted himself in relations to a “government of inclusion”.

Appearing on a local radio morning show Cllr. Gongloe said his party gave support to the government without attaching job as a prerequisite, it was important that they who know start to remind the president of the laws of the land he promised to protect.

The Liberian lawyer indicated that if it was possible in 1970 for late President William R. Tolbert to find it practicable to appoint cabinet ministers from all the counties of Liberia, including the five old counties and the four new counties at the time, it is also possible for it to be done in 2024.

He said if the President was sure of forming a government of inclusion, Section 10.2 of the New Executive Law of Liberia is the only yardstick for forming a such government.

He indicated that it is not late to write the wrong if the president is to achieve on that promise made.

When the issue was raised, our Executive Mansion correspondent asked President Boakai’s Press Secretary, Kula Fofana if the president was aware of the law and what his concerns were like.

In response, PPS Fofana said she was unaware of the New Executive law of Liberia and will do a research about it. She was quick to further that former a government of inclusion is part of the agenda of the President.

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