Monrovia-March-20-TNR:Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) operating in Grand Cape Mount County has kick start road work in Kinjor.  The commencement started on Tuesday in Kinjor. That led to total excitement among citizens of the place. The project is part of the benefits of the affected communities.

Speaking at the road project site, the acting town chief of the Kinjor, chief Zinnah Darblo said, “I pray hard to God for us to live peacefully in this community.

He said the environment was not peaceful because the people were not satisfied because development was not taking place in their communities and the benefit of the residents were not coming forth.

“I think from yesterday, all our lawmakers came and we put the place under control” old man Darblo said.

The acting town chief said, “No more protest. Protest everything gone now.” According to him, he was happy that things have changed and that the company has started responding to the need of the people.

“I am happy about what BMMC is doing now. BMMC is ready to work with us and we, too, are ready to work with them” he added.

According to old man Darblo, he was over joyed that the company is doing what is expected of them.

“You see the whole town outside seeing what you people are doing and everybody happy now. Those are things we need for you people” he said.

Also speaking in a joyous mood, the chairperson for the Resettlement Action,Lansannah Sambolah said: “I was to my house and they called me and said the machine was coming. I am happy.”

He said, “You know when those things going on, the place will be lively.

With a laughter across his face, he said, “These few days, the place was too sorrowful, the place was poor.”

He indicated that the absent of peace is felt by even the kids and everyone.

“The only thing I will tell the company is to live by the agreement. It is not good every time noise. All of the places that are destroyed if it was not the noise, it would not have happened” he said.



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