Liberia News: Blame Game!


By Mark B. Dumbar

Monrovia-Jan-26-TNR:As Liberians continue to express concerns over the embarrassment caused at the inaugural ceremony of President Joseph N. Boakai at the Capitol Building recently, the Chairperson of the Inaugural Committee, Madam Miatta Fahnbulleh has shifted blame on members of the Legislature and GSA Director Mary Broh for the unfortunate situation which embarrassed the entire nation.

Madam Fahnbulleh the failure of the inaugural ceremony can be squarely blamed on the lawmakers and the head of the General Service Agency (GSA) Madam Mary Broh for not agreeing with her and at the same time demanding her against her will.

Addressing the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MICAT) yesterday, Madam Fahnbulleh said the Legislature reminded her loud and clear that they have oversight responsibility for the inauguration and that they wanted it to be held at the Capital Building.

According to her, the lawmakers and Madam Mary Broh should be blamed for the failure of the inaugural ceremony. Madam Fahnbulleh disclosed that she explained the challenges at the Capital Building to the lawmakers, but they didn’t agree saying, ‘’I told them.”

Madam Fahnbulleh said the General Service Agency (GSA) received some funding to organize the inaugural ceremony through its boss Madam Broh to ensure that all necessary materials needed to have the program in order were provided to the GSA.

Madam Fahnbulleh added that she wanted a carpet at the Capital Building but when she asked some staff at the Capitol Building informed her that Madam Broh was responsible for having the carpet placed there.

Madam Fahnbulleh said before the program she earlier asked them about the microphone and whether it was in good condition but they informed her that everything was set for the program and there was no cause to worry.

The inaugural Chairperson disclosed that she is not afraid of taking responsibility for failure at the just-ended inauguration program saying, “We can all fail at some things, but for everyone to put it on my head, I think that is unfair.”

Madam Fahnbullah disclosed that leaders of the legislature want to question her for their selfish desires. “They were the ones who wanted oversight,” she added.

According to her, the lawmakers wanted to show that they had oversight responsibilities and wanted the program at the Capitol and that’s how the situation led to the extreme heat at the Capitol as they refused to adhere to her advice.

Madam Fahnbulleh said she decided to host the ceremony in an air-conditioned environment where everything could be perfect but said the lawmakers wanted to show up. She said the lawmakers cannot place any blame for the bad inauguration ceremony on her head as Chairperson of the inaugural committee when they are responsible for what happened at the Capitol Building.

At the same time, the Chairperson of the inaugural committee denied answering questions from one of Spoon network reporters.  She said that his entity has no moral right to question the citizens of Liberia.

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