Monrovia-Jan-31-TNR: ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) and its partner, Africa Development Management Associates (ADMA), made a significant impact at Bassa High School Campus in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County last Friday, conducting an informative session on the school’s premises in the Port City of Buchanan.

ADMA stated that the information-sharing session aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the benefits derived from ArcelorMittal Liberia’s mining and logistics operations in Grand Bassa, Bong, and Nimba Counties.

This event, held in the Bassa High School auditorium, brought together more than 200 students, along with over ten instructors and school administrators, promoting a fruitful partnership between AML and ADMA.

The collaboration between AML and ADMA seeks to enlighten high school students on the various projects undertaken by ArcelorMittal Liberia in the three counties and other parts of the nation.

Moreover, it aims to shed light on the substantial contributions made through county social development funds to the government of Liberia over the years. The initiative is pivotal in creating awareness and fostering a sense of ownership and partnership between the communities and the mining company.

During the session in Buchanan, students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage with AML through Africa Development Management Associates (ADMA). This engagement with students not only provides valuable information about AML’s initiatives but also opens a channel for constructive feedback and suggestions from the youth.

The expressed desires for vocational training centers and additional support for educational development underscore the importance of effective community engagement in aligning corporate initiatives with the needs and aspirations of the local population.

Patience Genesis thanked AML for organizing the information-sharing session at Bassa High School, emphasizing the significance of having such an event at their school. Joseph Melvin Yarkpawolo Jr highlighted the importance of the partnership, stating that the information shared about AML’s vocational training academy was valuable.

He expressed his interest in the academy, acknowledging the wealth of knowledge gained, including insights on how to access opportunities within ArcelorMittal.

Tonny N Johnny Jr passionately appealed for the construction of a vocational training center in Buchanan, emphasizing the urgent need to equip the young people of the county with valuable skills. He noted the current lack of opportunities for Bassa’s youth, stressing the importance of AML’s support in building a vocational training center similar to the one in Yekepa.

Sianneh Smith, a 12th grader at Bassa High School, expressed her excitement about the unexpected visit from ArcelorMittal representatives. She deemed it a remarkable day, especially as it coincided with the student council election. Sianneh applauded ArcelorMittal for their contributions and urged the company to consider building a vocational school in Grand Bassa County for the benefit of students and young people.

Another student emphasized the importance of education for the female students at Bassa High School, expressing gratitude for AML’s involvement. She conveyed her hope that ArcelorMittal would continue supporting the school, acknowledging the collective effort required from the county, AML, and other stakeholders to address the school’s needs.

ArcelorMittal says it intentionally invests in the education of Liberians for many years now by operating the Advanced Studies Scholarship, promoting studies at universities outside Liberia. Since 2012, over 34 students have benefited from this scholarship program, and currently, there are four students studying various technical disciplines at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Ghana.

Locally, the Community Liaison department currently has scholarship awardees at ten Liberian Colleges and universities also studying technical and administrative disciplines that can later be of value at ArcelorMittal Liberia and throughout the nation, in addition to the community development scholarship program.

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