…For ‘Doing Little’ In 100 Days

By: Moses M. Tokpah

Monrovia-May-22-TNR:A staunch supporter of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Senator of Gbarpolu County, Amara Konneh has strongly criticized the Liberian leader of doing little during his 100 has in office.

Sen. Konneh during the 2023 legislative and presidential elections did not just campaign for President Boakai and his Unity Party, but kept eyes on the elections in ensuring that the process was not thwarted or the results were not changed by former President Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change in their favor.

The Liberian Legislator during the run-off of the presidential election set up a war room that some Liberians believe led to the victory of the ruling establishment.

But since the inauguration of President Boakai and Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung, the Senator has been vocal on issues he feels are not been done in the interest of the Liberian people.

The latest is a write-up by the Senator on his official Facebook page on Tuesday where he gave what he termed as his candid and objective reflections on President Boakai’s 100 days.

The lawmaker in his post disclosed that the President ended his100 days in office on the 1st of May with little to show for the US$22 million spending package the Legislature handed him on a ‘silver platter.’

Sen. Konneh noted, “President Joseph Boakai ended his 100 days in office on May 1st with little to show for the US$22 million spending package the Legislature had handed him on a silver platter.”

The Gbarpolu County Senator recounted that according to NAYMOTE reports President Boakai has met just 10 out of 100 commitments for the period noting, “I link the article below.”

He said this is a little better than former President George Weah’s 100 Days performance in 2018, which President Boakai’s Unity Party considered a dismal failure.

According to him, this represents a failure on three fronts adding that Liberia’s post-Weah reset required firstly building domestic, regional, and international support for the new President and the country, secondly, taking stock of the country’s financial position before the inauguration, and shoring up that funding with international support; and thirdly, forming an inclusive government comprising rigorously vetted professionals, irrespective of political persuasion or closeness to the Executive.

Instead, Sen. Konneh said insiders of the Boakai-Koungadministration have spent their time gatekeeping, securing jobs for themselves and their friends, and sidelining those intent on rigorous and effective governance.

“Some of the same friends who cheered us when we fearlessly spoke out against former President Weah’s failed policies are the ones paying starving journalists to launch scurrilous attacks on my integrity for holding our government accountable for the change we promised the Liberian people,” he added.

He furthered, “They want to brand me as angry and bitter. I am not. I am disappointed in the many false starts in our government. And I am loyal enough to them and to the Liberian people that I will keep speaking the truth, no matter what,” the Senator lamented.

He furthered that failure is not an option for this government. The Senator thereby expressed hope that President Boakai and his (Sen. Konneh) friends in the UP read his reflections objectively and absorb them in good faith.

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