MONROVIA- President George M. Weah’s vision to transform Bali Island into a city is now becoming a reality.

In a press statement issue, the Ministry of Public Works on Wednesday, November 23, 2022   mobilized the contractor Qjoe for the timely construction of the Bali Island Access Road.

According to the Ministry, the 3.34-kilometer Stretch spans from Battery Factory Junction along the Japan freeway to Bali Island.

With this information, President Weah promises to ensure that the historic site will soon become a tourist city.

It can be noted that President Weah in 2018 visited Bali Island with his developmental partner, the Indian Government to build the Mahandas Gandhi conference hall in Liberia, the proposed structure that is expected to be the biggest conference center in the country.

The Conference Hall will be a gift to Liberia by the Government and people of India.

Mohandas Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s independence from British rule and turned inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

During his assertion at the Bali Island, the Liberian leader told the public that, the island will be transformed into a new Monrovia City that will have an overhead bridge that will link the Island to crow hall, Monrovia.

Since President Weah’s visit at Bali Island where he said it had been his vision from his youthful days to see the Island being transformed into a city with infrastructure developments, since 2018 up to now, no work has commenced as a means of making such vision a reality.

With few more months for President Weah’s first democratic six years mandate by the Liberian People to end with the government now focusing on such a road project leading to the island,   critics have turned President Weah’s vision to develop Bali Island as a political boost for his re-election.

It is not clear if the completion of the road by the Ministry of Public Works’ contractor will make President Weah’s vision a reality.

However, the Ministry of Public Works’ information indicated that Minister Ruth Coker-Collins who addressed a cross-section of the community residents expressed satisfaction.

She called on the residents to support the road project, stressing the construction of the access road is crucial to the overall modernization plan of Bali Island.

 Based on the information, our reporter solicited the view of some Liberians concerning the Government’s efforts to have Bali Island developed.

Comfort Morris a businesswoman located in Red Light welcomes the government’s decision to develop the island.

“The President’s decision to make that island a city is good for the country, as for me, I believe that the development of the island with the building of the road, it is not only because of election” she noted.

Edwin Washington a motorcyclist said transforming Bali Island is not what the Liberian People are concerned about, but the improvement of the economy.

“Let the President focus on how the economy can be improved, the hardship is killing us, no money in the country, things are not ok with everyone, so we need a good economy that we all will enjoy, “he said.

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