Lawyer ‘grabbed’


…for unethical conduct

By: R. Joyclyn

MONROVIA-Cllr. Abraham B. Sillah, of the Heritage Partners and Associate Law Firm, has been  ‘grabbed’ and dragged before the honorable Supreme Court over unethical conduct.

The action was filed against him by Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, former Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission due to alleged ethical misconduct which violates rules 8, 9, and 35 of the code of moral and professional ethics governing the conduct of lawyers in the practice of law within the Republic of Liberia.

The complaint was received and noted by the Chief Justice and subsequently forwarded to the Judiciary Inquiry Commission (JIC) to be looked into.

Cllr. Martin’s twelve-count petition alleged that Cllr. Sillah who is the Managing Partner of Heritage Partners and Associates (HPA) sought to represent him legally in the matter regarding the establishment of the New Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Act which led to the dissolution of the current Board of Commissioners of the LACC.

The document said that Cllr. Sillah agreed to represent Cllr. Martin and requested him to provide all relevant documents needed to represent his legal interest. 

The complaint also alleged that, after perusing the documents, Cllr. Sillah called and told him (Martin) to negotiate with the government rather than instituting legal action against the government which he (Martin) resisted on grounds that the law has already been passed and it borders on the serious constitutional issue that needed to be addressed urgently.

Cllr. Martin’s complaint further indicated that Sillah and the Management did not show any interest in representing his legal interest after holding unto all evidence. Knowing that things were not done in line with the law,   he (Martin) resulted to contact Cllr. Johnny Momoh took siege of the case and proceeded to file the petition on its constitutional ground before the Full Bench.

But to  Cllr. Martin’s surprise, the petition filed by the government contained  Cllr. Sillah’s signature as one of the lawyers on the case for the state. Even though he(Sillah) is still in possession of Martin’s documents. This runs contrary to the legal profession.

 This, Martin described as unprofessional and in violation of laws governing the conduct of lawyers.

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