Dark Cloud Hangs Over Bill, McGill Candidacy

…US Gov’t Gives Strong Warning 

MONROVIA-The Government of the United States of America through its Embassy in Monrovia has sent a strong warning to would-be individuals or institutions caught working with the three former sanctioned Weah officials, that they will be added to its pending list of sanctioned individuals.

Bill Twehway, Nathanial McGill, and Sayma S. Cephus were sanctioned by the Treasury Department’s Global Magnitsky of the US months back for corruption malpractices

The latest warming by Uncle Sam damages the chances of both Twehway and McGill who are currently seeking elected office in 2023 in Margibi and River Cess counties respectively.

“Any person that engages in certain transactions with these sanctioned men “may themselves be exposed to sanctions or subject to an enforcement action,” Michael A. McCarthy told a news conference at the      US Embassy near Monrovia.

He further “unless an exception applies, any foreign financial institution that knowingly facilitates a significant transaction for any of the individuals or entities could be subject to US sanctions. McCarthy continues “This applies not only to those who transact with these three individuals but also with other two individuals sanctioned under Global Magnitsky in recent years: Senators Prince Y. Johnson and Varney Sherman.”

At the same time, Elizabeth Trudeau, Acting Assistant Secretary of Global Public Affairs said her mission in Liberia is to effectively communicate the U.S. Foreign Policy priorities and the importance of diplomacy to American audiences as well as engage foreign publics to enhance their understanding of and support for the values and policies of the United States.

She met with the Minister of Information Culture and Tourism (MICAT) along with Amb. McCarthy on Monday, in an effort to pursue government accountability and combat disinformation.

Madam Trudeau also the importance of journalists to a functioning democracy and look forward to more of honest coverage ahead of the 2023 elections.

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