EDITORIAL: World Bank Must Investigate Funded Contract To MOE

Indeed, amidst shame, embarrassment,  scandal, and dishonesty, it has become very imperative for the World Bank, renowned for its uncompromised implementation with sincerity, it needs to thoroughly carry out an unwavering investigation into its funded contract with the Ministry of Education in (MOE).

This is intended to redeem its impeccable reputation that is on the verge of being dragged into the mud by some reported unscrupulous individuals.

This urgent investigation which is bordered on the image of the World Bank in whom the rest of the world subscribes to its fiscal policy involved also MOE and an Indian Company-Planet PC.

According to the report, the Ministry of Education which has oversight responsibilities of all educational-related activities in Liberia cleverly buried all rules governing procurement procedure and awarded the Smart Class Project to an Indian Company-Planet PC. However, in keeping with an important document in the possession of this paper (New Republic) a gist which reads: “if you don’t print you’re your (New Republic) article, Planet PC will apologize to the World Bank for sending this wrong information by mistake and close the matter.”

Smart Classroom Project is part of support by the World Bank to the universities of Liberia and Tubman

What seems to be blackmail or a scare tactic on the part of Planet PC also noted that if this paper should go ahead with its article, then they (planet pc and management) will release the entire poof and recordings to the World Bank, and after that, if the investigation happens, then everyone will be exposed.

The Company Planet PC is headed by the Chief Executive Officer of Cross word wife, Madam Anita Nimbaiar. According to the report, one of the officials who previously worked for Crossword and was subsequently barred by the World Bank, is said to be in the employ of Planet PC.

Moreover, the report continues, that with the supervision of Mr. Latim Dathong, Deputy Minister for Administration who supervised the entire process reportedly failed to carry out due diligence. MOE’s sources told this paper that prior to awarding the contract to Planet PC, the head of Crossword, Mr. Sachin Nambair, knowing that Cross word could not win the bid, Sachin Nambair, who then became the face of Planet PC reportedly had a series of meetings with Dathong; knowing that Cross word could not take part in any World Bank’s related bid, allegedly put forward planet PC as a proxy.

 To ascertain just what has happened to the barred Sachin Nambair from the World Bank project and what role did he play, and how did Planet PC win the bid? The World Bank is under a serious obligation to properly, and without a second thought, clear the air through a vigorous and unhindered investigation if trust is to be restored in the place of grave looming suspicion about the transparency of Planet PC by extension, the Ministry of Education. 

A caution to the World Bank; prestige fails when it can no longer resist the force placed on it.

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