Liberian Entrepreneurs Get Training In Business Management

MONROVIA-Strive Community Resource Center has embarked on its second cohort business accelerator training program for entrepreneurs in the country.

Strive Community Resource Center is an organization that focuses on building the capacity of Liberian entrepreneurs for the global jobs market.

The basis for which Strive Liberia is involved in this is predicated on the fact to create a conducive environment to address the needs of entrepreneurs in Liberia.

Liberia as a small Country in the West African region, needs more entrepreneurs in order to address the day-to-day challenges confronting the society regardless of the political way by the national government and other actors.

The Hustle Hub business accelerator training organized by Strive Community Resource Center was designed to improve businesses operation in the country. The business training is expected to kick out on October 18, 2022 at the office of Strive Liberia in Paynesville.

According to the management of the organization, the program was designed to train owners and managers of small enterprises who want to sustain their businesses, increase sales and reduce costs. It addresses the question of low to improve the performance of owners of businesses.

Strive Liberia Hustle Hub project, Coordinator madam Agnes Davis thanked the participants for gracing the orientation of the eight weeks accelerator business management training.

She said the eight weeks of training will basically focus on six modular materials of business improvement including marketing, buying and stock control, costing, record keeping, planning your business, people and productivity in general among others. Madam Davis noted that upon completion of the business management training owners of businesses will grow effectively.

She said Strive Liberia has been around for the past three years plus and has been providing wild range of training to entrepreneurs and empowering them as well since it establishment.

Also, the representative of Universal Outreach Foundation (UOF), Kent Bubbs, Jr., praised Strive Liberia for providing Liberian entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn ideas in business management.

Bubbs told participants at the well-attended orientation of the eight weeks training of business management that the country’s developments is in the hands of owners and managers of businesses in Liberia.

The UOF representative stated that his organization stands prepared in providing the necessary support Strive Liberia needs. There were lot of speakers who spoke with the trainees of the accelerator program.

The orientation was very interactive with the trainees and facilitators of the program.

The orientation took place at Strive Liberia office at the new Miami Beach in Paynesville City.

The program was well attended over the weekend by trainers and trainees of Strive Liberia and guests as well.

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