MONROVIA-Liberia stands a better chance to be included on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as the country has passed 12 out of the 20 indicators.

Last MCC’s card shows a low scorecard for Liberia which was 10 out of 20 indicators.

Speaking on State Radio Super Morning Show in Paynesville, Minister Samuel D. Tweah said despite the passing of 12 indicators this year, Liberia is certain of passing 15 indicators next year.

Minister  Tweah furthered that the board of the 2023 Millennium Challenge Corporation will be meeting soon to consider Liberia’s application, stating that the country is now eligible for consideration for a compact.

Tweah said they will present a strong case that the recent passing of the MCC shows sustained and even indicators where the country had not passed.

He said, “We are almost passing all across. So, it shows that we are committed to fighting corruption, and it shows that we are making investments all across the sectors.”

The Liberian Ministry of Finance and Development Planning boss stressed that they are going to put more investment in education and health going forward.

According to him, they are looking for more resources from the United States and are also grateful for the first MCC compact stating, “We love MCC support because it is tied to the private sector. When you  get the MCC grant, it  means you are doing something concrete to bring people out of poverty”.

Additionally, Minister Tweah said MCC money presents hard evidence, reputation clarity, and reputation focus.

“In respective of party, let’s pray for Liberia to get this money” stating, children in the rural parts of Liberia are going to benefit.

According to him, since the beginning of the Weah-led government, there have been efforts towards reforming the governance structure of Liberia.

He indicated that the MCC calculation is not politically-based, but their interest is in evidence and data.

He added that the MCC scorecard has validated that the Liberian Government is good in justice; giving people economic freedom and are investing in people.

“We are controlling corruption. We have started the most significant step within corruption,” he said. There is an expected meeting with all of government ministries and agencies with the intention of thanking them for the passage of the MCC scorecard.

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