Coffey Puts His Weight Behind Nyakonah

MONROVIA-The President of the Press Union of Liberia Charles Coffey has officially endorsed the Presidential bid of his Vice President Daniel Nyakonah.

President Coffey’s public and official endorsement to support Daniel Nyakonah which many termed as an advantage and a formidable move  to Team Daniel’s campaign now laid to rest the speculations about which side the current and outgoing President of the Press Union will support ahead of the crucial and process .

At the official campaign launching ceremony of Team Daniel Nyakonah on Friday November 4, 2022, Mr. Coffey said he believes in the policy of transformation from within and candidate Nyakonah is best suited to implement said policy for the betterment of the Press Union of Liberia.

“I stand with my Vice President and he is the unmatched candidate for the Union” Mr. Coffey re-echoed.

According to him, Daniel is a true leader who has served well and is very committed to the PUL and deserves to be his possible replacement.

The Press Union of Liberia he indicated is at a cross road as such it will require a dedicated persons who knows and understands the workings of the Union to hit the ground running and get the job done and Daniel is that individual as such, “I encourage you all to make the right decision and elect a true leader who will transform the Union from within”, he emphasized.

President Coffey said counting on the visible achievements of the current administration which Daniel is a part of whist working very hard to address the challenges which Daniel is also and already aware of is key adding that the best way to accelerate fast growth of the Union which is so needed is to elect, Team Nyakonah”, he challenge eligible voters.

In his endorsement speech, Vice President Daniel Nyakonah firstly hailed his boss, President Charles Coffey for pledging his unflinching support to his Presidential bid.

“Thanks for reposing the confidence in me to be your successor and I can certainly assure you that, I will not let you down”, Presidential candidate Nyakonah told the outgoing President of the PUL.

“This endorsement, fellow colleagues, is a clarion call and a marching order from you for a leadership that will heighten, accelerate and reaffirm the advocacy for the protection of your rights in the discharge of your reportorial duties”, he assured his supporters.

He stressed that as Vice President of the PUL, he is aware of the mountainous challenges media practitioners are confronted with by the day, ranging from the lack of better economic incentives, capacity building opportunities, and the creation of a conducive working environment.

 Mr. Nyakonah said the need to improve and provide additional capacity building opportunities for every journalist regardless of their location or affiliation cannot be over emphasized.

” I must admit that this is a huge task and accomplishing all these cannot be a one man show”, he noted.

The formidable candidate for the PUL’s Presidency assured his colleagues that when elected, he and his crack team will place these concerns at the heart of their leadership and will work rigorously with national and international partners to finding an immediate solution to remedy these problems.

“Our leadership will lead reliable and frantic efforts in ensuring that Media Managers live up to  the terms and conditions as laid down in the Collective  Bargaining Agreement that places premier on handsome incentives for journalists in Liberia”, Mr. Nyakonah emphasized.

Candidate Nyakonah with his strong, constructive and impactful advocacy history over the years assured his hundreds of supporters that his leadership will never close its eyes and remain tight-lipped when media practitioners are constantly harassed and intimidated in the discharge of their respective duties.

“Let me again use this time to reaffirm our unflinching commitment to galvanize and mobilize internal resources which will be exclusively directed to the construction of the Headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia,  Fellow Colleagues, we can do this together” he noted.

 “Our Leadership will remain committed to the continuation of decentralizing the Union’s Activities across the 15 political sub-divisions of the Country and create a wider space for more journalists to gain membership statuses to further participate and contribute their quota to the forward march of the PRESS Union of Liberia (PUL),  This time WE MUST do it together and ALL HANDS on DESK” he indicated.

Whether you are from Gbokongedeh in Grand Gedeh County

Or from Foyah, Lofa County

Or from Pleebo, Maryland County

Or from Gbaima, Gbarpolu County

Or from Burtaw, Sinoe County

Or from Gbah-forboi, Grand Cape Mount County

Or from Jorkorlleh, Bong County

Or from Saclepea, Nimba County, You are all very important partners to accomplishing this dream of our leadership nothing that WE WILL LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND as we Transform from within, he added.

Additionally, our Leadership will develop a robust framework that supervises members and create a unique link with media managers to ensure that members of the Union periodically pay their dues for the growth and development of the PUL.

“Media colleagues, if not now then when can we collectively embrace the whirlwind of change for the total transformation of the Umbrella Journalism Institution of Liberia,  I am a journalist and will always remain a journalist until the cord of life shortens” he disclosed.

At the same time, Candidate Nyakonah urged all of his supporters to remain professional, peaceful, calm and united during these electioneering processes stating that working collectively to seek the Union’s interest is very important.

Meanwhile, the well-attended endorsement ceremony witnessed Liberian journalists from across the fifteen political sub-divisions of the Country pledging their unwavering support including the endorsement of Team Daniel Nyakonah for the Presidency.

The team include:

Daniel Nyakonah President, Bettie Johnson Mbayo Vice President, Akoi Baysah Secretary and Julius N. Konton, Sr., Assistant Secretary General respectively.”

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