By: Emmanuel T. Quiah-Maryland County

MARYLAND-The President of the Maryland Youths Association (MYA), Mr. Thomas M. Kumah has vowed to unseat incumbent Lawmaker Representative, Isaac Roland Blalu of Karluway Electoral District#3, Maryland County come October 10, 2023’s  Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Making remarks,  during the 8th Induction Ceremony of Sodoken Central High School on March 3, 2023, Mr. Kuma mentioned that it is about time that the Residents of the District elect someone who has lived in the District and understands the constraints Residents are faced with.

According to him, the District for almost 6 years, lacks major developments, including job creation, and youth empowerment.

The Youth Leader indicated that he is a true son of the soil, and has lived his entire life with the people of Karluway District, Maryland County.

He pointed out that there are nine pillars contained in his manifestos to aid his election.

Those nine pillars are, Reconciliation, Health Care, Education, Infrastructure, Youth’s and Women’s Empowerment, Security, and Justice.

Others include Accountability and Transparency, Effective Representation, Lawmaking, and Overnight, among others. 

Kuma cautioned the  Citizens of the District not to place what he described as  “old wine” in a “new bottle”. 

He further urged the Citizens of Karluway District to see his dream as means of moving the District and County forward.

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