State Broadcaster Taken To Task

MONROVIA- Nov 2-The Central campaign committee of Team Daniel-Bettie is appalled and expresses grave concern about the conduct of the administration of ELBC for its constant use of the state broadcaster to propagate disinformation about its candidate ahead of the Press Union of Liberia Congress and leadership elections.

We are aware that journalists, media managers and editors have the right to support either of the two candidates, but when the national broadcaster is being consistently used to attack a particular candidate, then this raises concern about its role in promoting national development and peace.

The state broadcaster has a bigger obligation of promoting the government’s policies and disseminating balanced and accurate information to the public and not to embark on a propaganda spree in favor of one side in a PUL election.

The disinformation campaign launched against our Presidential candidate Mr. Daniel Nyakonah on Tuesday, November 1 following his splendid show of intellectual and leadership class at the LMDI debate on Monday, October 30, is the latest evidence that the state broadcaster has now degenerated into mere propaganda machinery in these PUL elections.

It can be recalled that the President of PUL, Mr. Charles Coffey, was constrained to promptly debunk lies that were being spread by the state broadcaster only because some of its senior administrative and editorial staff are opposing the candidacy of Nyakonah.

Contrary to their misinformation and propaganda against our candidate, Mr. Charles Coffey further confirmed that the ten thousand United States dollars provided by Mr. Daniel Cassell are being kept in an escrow account as was indicated by Mr. Nyakonah at the debate on October 30, 2022.

The central campaign committee of Team Daniel-Bettie is calling on the state broadcaster to desist from its disinformation and misinformation campaign, which we think has the proclivity of instigating tension ahead of the Gbanga Congress of the PUL.

We are all aware of the role of the media and how it remains pivotal to the sustainability of our democracy especially ahead of the 2023 elections. However, it becomes concerning when the state broadcaster shows unbending opposition against one candidate and goes a step further by initiating a misinformation campaign.

Team Daniel-Bettie is committed to its mantra of “Transforming from within” and we will not be deterred by any malformation campaign.

We call on all members of our beloved Union to vote for Team Daniel-Bettie because he understands the problems and can work with you to solve them.

We look forward to peaceful and fair PUL elections.

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