MONROVIA-What was seen and celebrated as a-reach to the promised land by President George M. Weah and Members and Supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has been cut short.
So, the endorsement has been discredited and received several lashes from some Members of Nimba Kwado Liberia Incorporated (Nimba we are one) Nimba Kwado Liberia, Incorporated is a non-political organization established more than two decades ago.

It was established with the goal and aim of helping, promoting, and or supporting its Members for developmental purposes both in Liberia and those in the diaspora.

Addressing a news conference Monday, March 6, 2023, in Congo Town, the Board Chairperson of the group, Mr. Togba R. K. Porte said the endorsement made and sanctioned by the now suspended President of Nimba Kwado Liberia Inc, Isaac Dahn, was a bogus one. According to Mr. Porte, Nimba Kwado is a non-political organization that does not yield to the ideology of endorsing politicians outside of its membership.   

He narrated that the now-suspended President of the Group (Isaac Dahn) reportedly called a purported meeting in which the venue was changed from Congo Town to the Robert’s International Airport Highway. He further explained that when members of the leadership of the organization went to the RIA highway, they were quickly taken to the Jamaica Resort (the home of President Weah) where they were made to write their names and sign an attendance sheet which was later transformed into that of a list of petitioners.

“It was at this point that Mr. Isaac Dahn presented a petition statement to President Weah for his alleged endorsement by our group, Nimba Kwado,” Mr. Porte disclosed. The Nimba Kwado Board Chairperson explained that Members of the Leadership of the group were caught unaware by the action of Mr. Dahn and became very embarrassed by the situation, something that left some members leaving the Jamaica Resort annoyed.

Further addressing the Press in Congo Town, Mr. Porte said that Isaac Dahn was suspended from his position as President of the group and immediately replaced by Mr. Ojuku Bueh Duo as the new Acting President of Nimba Kwado. So, his action at the residence of president Weah was carried out illegally and only intended to embarrass the well-respected entity. Mr. Porte said the newly appointed Acting President  Mr. Duo is a resident of Nimba County Electoral District number four reading Criminal Justice at the AME Zion University and Management at the University of Liberia simultaneously.

Making acceptance remarks at the Conference in Congo Town, the newly appointed Acting President and CEO of Nimba Kwado thanked the board and members of the organization for his preferment. He promised to reconcile the organization and reunite its members.

Mr. Duo meanwhile used the opportunity and called on the suspended President to cooperate with the Board of Nimba Kwado for a future investigation aimed at maintaining the integrity of the group. “I accept this appointment in good fate knowing that Nimba Kwado is bigger than any of its members and that we must stand for the unity of the group. We also want to use this medium to call on our suspended President, Mr.  Isaac Dahn to cooperate with the Board of Nimba Kwado Liberia Inc.,” Mr. Duo said. It is not clear what such a situation means for President Weah who continues to receive numerous endorsements, but such an endorsement coming from a vote-rich county and Liberia’s second most populated county to be aborted sends a bad signal.

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