…Former Nimba Lawmaker, Dunah Unveils

By Mark N. Mengonfia- mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Former Nimba County Lawmaker and a steward of the opposition Unity Party, Worlea-Saywah Dunah mentioned that he will take a side in the upcoming 2023 Presidential and Legislative  Elections,  and will defend it very well.

The Former Lawmaker made the statement yesterday, March 6, 2023, when he appeared on OK FM afternoon conversation.

According to him, in any election, it is important to take a side that one can defend.

When quizzed about the side supports,  Mr. Dunah said, “Consultations are ongoing” and he will come up with the name of the party he is supporting for the Liberian Presidency.

He was not definite but the former Lawmaker said in his analysis that the people of Nimba are not ungrateful to abandon development taking place in their county.

 Mr. Dunah noted that what is happening in the rural area is different from what is ongoing in the urban.

He indicated that those in the urban areas are educated, and politically conscious but those in the rural areas are seeing the roads and developmental initiatives being carried out by the current government.

“Anyone who thinks that the Nimba’s votes are in a bag on their backs is delusion,” the former Lawmaker said.

Those who placed calls during the interview pleaded with the former Lawmaker to give his support to President George Weah.

One of those who called and backed the former Nimba Lawmaker was the newly appointed Head of the  Governance Commission of Liberia, Garrison Yealue also a former lawmaker from the same county.

In his statement, Yealue said people from the county will love to see their children at the top of governance and will not want to take that from them.

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